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Results of the Transfer Workshops
„Success Factors for the Implementation of Visions”

How can visions be turned into reality? How can the challenges of implementing innovative concepts to enhance teaching and study programs be met? Which are the success factors and strategies to implement visions?

These questions were discussed on Monday afternoon in the “Visions in Practice” workshops. On this basis the Transfer Workshops on Tuesday morning dealt with basic strategies and approaches for a successful implementation of visions. The following topics were discussed:

  • Dealing (in a creative manner) with (limited) resources
  • Dealing with heterogeneity
  • Designing change processes
  • Changes within the teaching and learning culture
  • Establishing new teaching and examination methods and structures
  • Creating sustainability

In two rounds, participants were divided into small groups to discuss different aspects and to develop strategies. Students, lecturers, educational experts and members of the university management exchanged views and discussed further perspectives and suggestions for promising strategies. The participants then agreed upon the most promising approaches.

The discussions were held in German. Therefore the documentation of the results is only available in German.