Welcome to the Department for Molecular & Medical Virology

We are an international team of scientist, veterinarians, physicians and technical staff led by Prof. Dr. Eike Steinmann. We use cutting-edge technologies to investigate molecular and medical aspects of the hepatitis E virus, hepaciviruses and of virus transmission.

The Department for Molecular & Medical Virology led by Prof. Steinmann is part of the medical faculty at Ruhr University Bochum since April 2018. We participate in the virological training of medical and science students with lectures, seminars and practical courses.


+++ New diagnostics service started +++

We started our new diagnostic service for equine parvovirus and hepacivirus. For more information please see "Diagnostics" or click here. 

+++ New colleague in the lab +++

Yannick is our new science and lab manager.
Welcome to our department Yannick !!
We hope you hav a good start !!

You can find more informationen about Yannick here.  

+++ New joint project funded +++

The German Federal Ministry for Health is funding a new joint project between Robert-Koch-Institute, Charité Berlin, Universitity hospital Essen, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and Molecular & Medical Virology Bochum. It aims to collect data on Hepatitis E to better understand the virus.

You can find the official RUB press release here. 

+++ MMV goes YouTube +++

Daniel's talk he gave at the ICPerMed Conference of the International Consortium for Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed) is available at YouTube now!
If you want to cast a glance at our Hepatitis E Virus research and how the virus evolves in patients under treatment and wonder what all this has to do with personalized medicine, click here. 

Enjoy watching!

+++ New review article online +++

Our new review article just went online at Antiviral Research. In the article we summarized all published hepatitis E virus cell culture systems. We think it presents a good entry point for all newbees in HEV research, but also a condensed description of all relevant information for everybody in the field and beyond.

The article is open access and can be downloaded here.  Have fun reading!

+++ Two PhD positions available in our department +++

In the context of the new DFG Research Training Group 2485 (Graduiertenkolleg) VIPER, we are offering two PhD positions in our department. We are lloking for students of veterinary medicine or life sciences, who are planning to conduct their PhD in virology.
For more information please refer to open positions. 

+++ ACHIEVE - Academy for young Scientists +++

On March 19th and 20th 2019, the first ACHIEVE Spring School organized by the German Society for Virology (GfV) will take place in Düsseldorf. Are you a student of Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Life Sciences and are interested in Virology Research? Than this is YOUR unique chance to get to know this exciting Field.

Potential participants can apply for stipends covering the journey, accommodation, registration fee for the annual meeting of the German Society for Virology 2019 and a one-year subscription to the society.

Send your application including CV, cover letter and a recommendation letter of one of your supervisors (optinal) until 31/01/2019 to achieve@twincore.de.

+++ ICPerMed Best Practice Award +++

Daniel from our lab today received the Best Practice Award awarded by the International Consortium for Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed) in Berlin. A nice recognition of his work and an important endorsement for our lab's focus on individualized infection medicine.
The conference was supported by the European Commission, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

Please find the official press release of the RUB here. 

In addition, Daniel was asked for a statement by the BMBF. You can read his interview here. 

+++ open position as Science Manager+++

Now that we are so many people in our lab, we need someone to keep track of our science.
Therefore, we are now hiring a Science Manager!
Please find the job posting here  and under the tab "Open positions".
Sorry, the posting is only available in German. As this positions involves writing grant applications in German, strong knowledge of the language is applicable.
Application deadline is November 29th 2018.
We are looking forward to many applications.

+++ new colleagues started in our group +++

From Monday on, our lab crew is expanded by four new colleagues!
We are very happy to welcome Dimas, Michael, Volker and Thomas to Bochum!
If you want to find out more about our newbies check out the "current staff"  tab.
We wish them all the best for their future work in the lab!

+++ Interview for German radiostation +++

Daniel, one of our PostDocs was interviewed for radioshow that was broadcasted on German radio "Deutschlandfunk". It was about our recent publication in Antiviral Research on the antiviral natural compound silvestrol.
We are very happy about this positive feedback.

Unfortunately, only available in German but you can still check it out here! 
Further down you can find the link to the article, as well as the RUB press release!

+++ new review article +++

Check out our newest review article on viral mechanisms of nonresponse in Hepatitis E virus therapy published in Current Opinion in Virology.
We summarized how viral genome alterations may confer resistance in chronically HEV-infected patients that experience Ribavirin treatment failure.
This is one of our top expertise in the lab.

Click here to read the paper. 

+++ new paper out +++

Our newest paper on environmental stability of hepatitis B virus and the requirements for chemical biocides to inactivate the virus published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases is now available online. This work arose from a close collaboration with our partners at Institut Pasteur Korea.

Click here to see the official RUB press release 

And click here to read the paper 

+++ new twitter account set up +++

We just set up our new twitter account!
You can follow us and stay up-to-date with virology in Bochum!

+++ new homepage +++

As you can see, we finally have a new homepage! :) It is not completely ready yet, so check back here again later!

+++ new paper out +++

Check out our recent publication in Antiviral Research on the antiviral natural compound silvestrol by Nora and Daniel from our team! We are delighted and say congratulations, Nora and Daniel!

Click here to see the official RUB press release 

And click here to read the paper. 

+++ young scientist award +++

Daniel from our team won the Young Scientist Award of the FOUNDATION DIAGNOSTIK HILFT! We are delighted and say congratulations, Daniel!

Click here to see the official RUB press release (German only, sorry) 

Prof. Dr. Eike Steinmann

Prof. Dr. Eike Steinmann
Head of the Department