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Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Ruhr-Universität Bochum is situated in the heart of Metropole Ruhr. It is a place where people from different countries come together, all of whom bring individual curricula vitae, heterogeneous study requirements and diverse objectives and expectations to the table. In accordance with our university’s mission statement, it is a modern universitas and a place of mutual learning, and we acknowledge that it is that diversity of people and knowledge that constitutes the asset and major resource upon which our university’s performance excellence is based.

The Ruhr-Universität’s diversity policy focuses on the inclusion of each and every individual who participates in the universitas. Inclusion as a guiding principle that is anchored in the university’s core values means perceiving and valuing each person with his or her unique set of traits and to consciously recognise their individual skills and needs. It aims at making everybody feel fully integrated into the RUB community, thus striving to overcome any appearances of unequal participation.

Inclusion measures at the RUB include equal opportunity for women and men in all areas of university life, regardless of their background; a range of options for balancing work and family; comprehensive support for staff and students from other countries; as well as assistance and guidance for people with disabilities.