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Prof. Dr Kornelia Freitag
Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing Education
Building: UV 3/375
Phone: +49(0234)32-24745

Prof. Dr-Ing Andreas Ostendorf
Vice Rector for Research, Transfer and Early Career Researchers
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-27045
Fax: +49 (0)234 32-14131



Research and Teaching

Research and teaching are inseparable at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). Their close interconnection reflects the principle of universitas: the community of educators and the educated, the unbiased interaction of people beyond subject boundaries and hierarchies.

Students should experience research from their first semester on. The forward-looking teaching concept  “experience, learn, live research” was developed jointly by teachers and students. The RUB aims to further increase the attractiveness of the degree course and make the teaching profile nationally and internationally more visible. That starts in the Bachelor degree courses, continues in the Master degree, and is also intended to arouse the desire to pursue a career in research. Because the students of today are the top researchers of tomorrow.

Anyone who chooses to continue working in science after their Master degree will find outstanding conditions at the RUB: Under the supervision of excellent researchers, the doctoral students do their PhD at an international level at the Research School. In addition, the Research School offers them an extensive programme that prepares them for leading positions in the world of science. Early independence is central to the promotion of young talent at the RUB, which has made itself an international name.

A whole range of qualification measures is offered by the RUB, so that good researchers are also able to pass on their expertise well to students. Even student tutors can learn how to structure a training session, motivate participants, and didactically prepare content. Training and coaching services are also available for new teachers, lecturers, and professors. In addition, subject-specific measures are being developed which facilitate entry into teaching. For good teaching ideas in-between times, the RUB has set up a download centre with tips for successful teaching.

And teaching at the RUB also works “in reverse”: Student eTutors support lecturers, for example, in the design of e-learning courses.