Members of the Council of Deans


  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Dr Roland Span
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Research: Prof. Dr Corinna Mieth


  • Faculty of Protestant Theology: Prof. Dr Reinhard von Bendemann
  • Faculty of Catholic Theology: Prof. Dr Thomas Söding
  • Faculty of History: Prof. Dr Constantin Goschler
  • Faculty of Philology: Prof. Dr Manuel Baumbach
  • Faculty of Law: Prof. Dr Stefan Huster
  • Faculty of Economics: Prof. Dr Helmut Karl
  • Faculty of Social Science: Prof. Dr Stefan Schirm
  • Faculty of East Asian Studies: Prof. Dr Sven Osterkamp
  • Faculty of Sports Science: Prof. Dr Petra Platen
  • Faculty of Psychology: Prof. Dr Annette Kluge
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Prof. Dr-Ing. Rüdiger Höffer
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: Prof. Dr-Ing. Thomas Musch
  • Faculty of Mathematics: Prof. Dr Peter Eichelsbacher
  • Faculty of Physics and Astronomy: Prof. Dr Achim von Keudell
  • Faculty of Geosciences: Prof. Dr Harald Zepp
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Prof. Dr Nils Metzler-Nolte
  • Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology: Prof. Dr Matthias Rögner
  • Faculty of Medicine: Prof. Dr Ralf Gold