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Strategic Units of the Rectorate


"Blended Learning": the use of the newest information and communication technology for targeted support of learning activities. At the RUB, we combine traditional lectures and seminar teaching methods with digital media into so-called "blended learning". The task of the Unit for eLearning is to provide support to teaching staff, students, and administration in the application of digital technology for the improvement of the quality of teaching and research as well as administrative tasks.

The unit for eLearning is responsible for developing implementation strategies and services for eLearning at the RUB: from the training of academic staff and students in seminars and workshops, to programmatic advice, to continual monitoring of appropriate technology, to the establishment of inter- and intra-university synergies.

The unit for eLearning administers the activities of the RUBeL-network, which consists of the multimedia support centre, the computer centre, the university library, and the unit for on-the-job training and counselling.

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"Networked security": Together with the organs and committees of the RUB, the central IT-security officer is responsible for developing a comprehensive IT-security plan for the university.

The IT-security unit advises the university management about IT-security risks and is the central location for all questions about IT-security for all members and units of the university. Security violations are recorded in a centralized monitoring system.

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On-the-job Training and Counselling (IFB)

"Continuing education under one roof": The unit for on-the-job training and counselling is responsible for providing training and advice to both academic and administrative staff of the university in order to help them deal with the continual changes faced by the RUB.

The unit offers a comprehensive advisory and coaching service for management, teaching staff, and junior academics. The unified structure of a unit for science, technology, and administration has the advantage that it can offer training programmes for the RUB as a whole.

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Strategic Units of the Chancellor

Strategic Unit for Occupational Safety and Environment Protection

The strategic unit Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection is in charge of occupational safety, fire safety, radiation and laser safety, waste management, hazardous waste and environmental protection.

Website Strategic Unit for Occupational Safety and Environment Protection

Strategic Unit for Occupational Medicine Services

Website Strategic Unit for Occupational Medicine Services

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