Planung GD

Library of the Future

Aim – a seamless library system

The future design of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum's (RUB) library system is consistently oriented towards the mission statement “universitas”: RUB-members of all departments will be able to find all the information they need here for research, study, and training. Architecturally and organisationally it will also be a “seamless library system”. As a learning space, the library is to encourage communication, but also offer peace for concentrated work.

Strategy – oriented around the needs of the people

Making efficient use of rooms and resources, and maintaining a comprehensive range of options can only be achieved by combining forces. The needs of its users are decisive here. Students and researchers in the humanities use primarily “traditional” print media. Engineers and scientists on the other hand rely increasingly on access to electronic media. Therefore, the university library will be located close to the central forum entrance and the main area of a building row library for the humanities. Engineering and the natural sciences and medicine will each receive their own building row libraries. The staff of the library will act as information managers and guides, helping people find their way through the diversity of literature available.

Implementation – continuous development

The range of media available in the libraries is to be continuously expanded. A system of higher education bibliography has now successfully been launched and is growing. The common vision of the future library system is being developed by the staff of the libraries together with the user groups in workshops. The plans for the building modifications have been completed. The implementation will be carried out within the course of the campus modernisation.