Kultur und Freizeit an der RUB

Culture and Leisure

Art at Ruhr-Universität Bochum

With its locations on the Campus (under the university library) and in the Schlosspark Weitmar (Situation Kunst for Max Imdahl), the RUB art collections form a prime international venue for contemporary art. Here, works by Joseph Beuys, Richard Serra, Dirk Reinartz, and many other top artists are exhibited. The museum on the campus houses the Ruhrgebiet’s largest and most prominent antiques collection, which includes classical portraits and Greek vases, an ancient coin collection as well as a collection of ancient bronzes and ceramics from the Iran that is unrivalled across Germany. Other exhibition sites at the RUB for fixed or changing exhibitions include the university library, the foyer of the Arts Centre, the main lecture hall, and the Malakow tower with its unique medical-history collection.

Create and enjoy culture

The most important cultural players at the RUB include the Arts Centre and the Cultural Office boSKop. Both institutions offer courses in theatre, photography, music, visual arts, dance, comedy, cabaret, and much more. And both regularly present the results: in the form of theatrical evenings, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and shows. boSKop is also responsible for many regular cultural events such as blues or jazz sessions.

Sport and recreation

If you prefer to spend your free time outside, you’ll also find plenty to do. That includes walks through the botanical garden and the Chinese garden in the south of the campus or across the campus itself. Alongside the imposing buildings, you’ll find many attractive large and small works of art that are grouped together under the heading “Kunst am Bau” – art at the building site.

Another way to keep active is of course sport. If you wish, you can walk or jog through the hilly and thus challenging terrain. The numerous university sports available or the dance classes offered by the Student’s Union provide an alternative for all university members.