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Legal guidance

Starting in 2016, the Refugee Law Clinic Bochum e.V. association will be providing free-of-charge legal guidance with regard to migration issues. Students who would like to receive relevant legal training can contact the association's executive committee.

Help in Bochum

On the Website Flüchtlingshilfe in Bochum you will find a wealth of relief and aid services currently provided in and around the city of Bochum. envisions a Germany where more children from non academic families attend university and fewer of them drop out before completing their degree. The volunteers – mostly students themselves who also hail from non-academic families – encourage other potential students through their own example. Throughout Germany, almost 7,500 volunteers participate in 75 local groups. The local group in Bochum meets every first Wednesday of the month in Oase (Buscheyplatz 3, 44801 Bochum) and is always interested in meeting new First Generation Students. Refugees, who studied or are interested in studying, are welcome!


International Office
Phone: +49 234 32-22837