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Prof. Dr. Tibor Kiss is chair for Theoretical and Computational Linguistics at the Linguistics Department of Ruhr-Universität Bochum since 1999. After finishing his studies in theoretical linguistics, philosophy, and germanic linguistics, he was working in various industrial research projects on natural language processing.


In my research, I am combining questions from theoretical linguistics (lexical representations, lexical semantics, syntax, and compositional semantics in particular) with methods from linguistic data science (data exploration, data analysis, annotation mining, machine learning with a particular focus on generalized linear mixed modelling).
Linguistic data science facilitates a broad coverage in pursuing theoretical hypotheses, while linguistic theories are required to formulate such hypotheses in the first place.
I thus understand current research in linguistics as an interaction of broad empirical coverage through corpus analysis (annotation mining in particular) and online experimentation with complex theoretical assumptions. Theoretical and computational linguistics (with a focus on linguistic data science) thus provide the basic pillars of a timely as well as comprehensive education in research-oriented linguistics.


syntax semantics data science generalized linear mixed models annotation mining linguistic ambiguity R machine learning experimental linguistics

Teaching - current and upcoming semester

WS 18/19

  • Linguistische Methoden 1
  • Einführung in die Analyse von Sprachdaten in R
  • Einführung in neuronale Netze mit R
  • Stimulus-Subjekt-Verben: theoretische, korpusbasierte und experimentelle Herangehensweisen

SS 19

[keine Lehrveranstaltungen wegen Forschungsfreisemester]

Current projects

Position and Interpretation of adverbial PPs in German clause structure

We approach the hypothesis that adverbial modifiers occupy absolute or relative fixed position in German clause structure. Therefore, we conduct experimental studies with test items systematically derived from annotated corpus data.

Earlier teachings

SS 18

  • Linguistische Schwerpunkte: Syntax
  • Zur Realität linguistischer Merkmale
  • Analyse linguistischer Daten
  • Zur Syntax der NP

WS 17/18

  • Einführung in die Syntax
  • Verbstellung
  • Einführung in Deep Learning
  • Formale Modelle der Zählbarkeit

SS 17

  • Linguistische Schwerpunkte: Syntax
  • Einführung in R für Linguisten und Computerlinguisten
  • Reflexivierung: Theorie, Korpus, Experiment
  • Datenanalyse mit R

WS 16/17

  • Einführung in die Syntax
  • Syntax-Analyse
  • Syntax in der generativen Grammatik
  • Korpusanalyse und Generalized Linear Mixed Models

Earlier projects

Syntactic analysis of preposition-noun combinations

The project investigated the grammar of non-canonic combinations of prepositions and countable singular nouns that violate the near-universal tendency of determiner realization.

Empirical approaches to the count/mass distinction

This project is supported by the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation which has awarded the Annaliese Maier Research Award to the Canadian professor Francis Jeffry Pelletier (University of Alberta, Edmonton and Simon Fraser University, Burnaby B.C.)


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