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Talent Meeting

Every year, RUB talent scouts invite sixth-form students to the Talent Meeting at the campus. They present the RUB’s courses to the school-leavers, identify the young talents’ strengths in workshops and enjoy sports and other leisure activities with their charges.

Visit our galleries to view pictures of the Talent Meeting 2017.





How do our participants rate the talent meeting?

„I’ve learned that there are no wrong decisions!“

„It was like holiday plus education!“

„I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet so many great people! I’d love to go on residential trips with this group!“

„I’ve learned a lot about myself: how to make better decisions, how to gain more confidence and how to believe in myself!“

„I liked the atmosphere a lot, as every single participant was appreciated and nobody felt excluded. Moreover, I liked the way the talent scouts treated us…!“

„I’ve learned how to find my place in a group. Also, I won’t put myself under pressure in future, because I now know that you can find your path even if you’ve made mistakes along the way.“

„You guys did a great job and I’m so happy I took part. Everyone could see that you put in a lot of effort into it and that you enjoy and care for what you’re doing. I hope more school students will learn that this programme exists…!“

Talent Meeting

The next Talent Meeting 2018 will take place from 15th to 19th October 2018.