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Mira Stepec

33 years old, studied German Studies and Art History, temporary teacher at Teach First, career entry advisor, Ruhrpott aficionada

Mira Stepec


Time travel to the past: as a 12th-year student, you meet a talent scout; how would he have described yourself, which talents would he have identified in you?
In year 12, I was a creative student, used to draw, play theatre, listen to music and make music myself. I had many big plans, but no specific ideas for what I wanted to do after my A-levels. I was interested in many things, architecture, travel, art, and, in retrospective, I would have loved to discuss all those interests with a scout. Because this fabulous project did not exist when I was at school, I opted for a degree in architecture, and I trusted that I would make my own way (without really knowing what that way looked like). I soon realised that architecture was not the right degree for me, and I changed to German Studies and Art History.

Today, you are a talent scout yourself; why are you the right person for the job, what are your strengths?
I've spent the recent years as a career changer teaching at various schools in the Ruhr region. The lesson I’ve learned there is that every student has a talent. I've learned to listen and to winkle out in interviews what kind of things students are passionate about – in addition to the standard hobby “hanging out with friends”. Because once you’ve found out what you fancy doing, you will enjoy doing it and, consequently, will be doing it well.

Looking into the future, five years from now: what have you learned? At what kind of experiences do you look back?
In five years’ time, I hope I will still be in touch with as many school-leavers whom I have supported as possible. I hope that they will have learned to recognise their own potential and have set themselves a goal that they want to reach. For myself, I don’t have any specific plans and I trust, as always, in my ability to make my own way.


Mira Stepec
Phone.: 0234 / 32-25919

Universitätsstraße 105
Room 4/011
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