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Jelena Jojevic

(On parental leave)

32 years old, pursues the teaching degree in Educational Science, and a History and Social Science degree, research assistant, lecturer, academic advisor, has found her second home in the Ruhr region

Portraitfoto Talentscout Jelena Jojevic


Time travel to the past: as a 12th-year student, you meet a talent scout; how would he have described you, which talents would he have identified in you?
In year 12, I had many creative ideas; I enjoyed writing and was interested in politics and economics. But I didn’t have much time for these hobbies, because I used to work in addition to going to school. My parents had a small restaurant, which we kept afloat as a family-run business.

I knew that I wanted to go to university after my A-levels, and I had found my dream discipline too, namely social sciences. But it would have been great to have a scout by my side to assist me during the transition from school to university, who would have alleviated some of my worries. I am the first member of my family to have studied at a university. This is why I didn’t have anyone at home whom I could have asked how getting a degree works. Some sort of tour guide or pilot on my way to university would have been great.

Today, you are a talent scout yourself; why are you the right person for the job, what are your strengths?
My life has rarely been straightforward and it was often turbulent: as refugees from former Yugoslavia, my family fought hard to be able to stay in Germany. We didn’t know our way around the German education system, which is why I made many decisions following my gut feeling. Thanks to all this, together with the knowledge I acquired in the course of my teaching degree and my professional experience at university, I am able to relate to the concerns and fears experienced by children from non-academic families – emotionally as well as professionally. Now, I would like to guide talented school-leavers through the information jungle and provide help and advice.

Looking into the future, five years from now: what have you learned? At what kind of experiences do you look back?
In five years' time, I hope I am going to sit down with the first students whom I have mentored through their school and university years and who have successfully completed their Bachelor’s degree. The Talentscouting project will then be fully established at universities and will offer talented school-leavers the chance to exploit their full potential.


Jelena Jojevic
Email: Phone: 0234 32-25768

Universitätsstraße 105
Room 4/010
44789 Bochum