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Serhat Demir

36 years old, diploma in economics, research assistant, head of IT, trade unionist, grew up in two cultures

Serhat Demir


Time travel to the past: as a 12th-year student, you meet a talent scout; how would he have described yourself, which talents would he have identified in you?
In year 12, I was massively into theatre, the stage was my home. I knew I wanted to study at university, but I didn’t yet know where and how. Through the theatre, I got in touch with a student of economics at RUB; he showed me around the university and encouraged me to apply.
With a talent scout, I would have had a long chat and a laugh. I would have been glad if I had another mentor, apart from my older friends, who would help me find my footing.

Today, you are a talent scout yourself; why are you the right person for the job, what are your strengths?
My CV is not typical at all and I want it to be an example. My primary school teacher, for example, claimed that a Hauptschule certificate would be the best I could do. My parents managed to send me to a Realschule against my teacher’s will. The path that led me to the Gymnasium, where I made my A-levels, was not straightforward. As a student, I was an active youth worker in the trade union IG Metall and encouraged many teenagers to follow their dreams. Because if I had made it, there is no reason why others should not succeed to enrol at university or start vocational training in the profession of their dream.

Looking into the future, five years from now: what have you learned? At what kind of experiences do you look back?
In the five years of the project, I hope I will have met many different people and have provided support to many school-leavers in my capacity as a “personal coach”, so to speak, and thus helped them make their dream come true. Moreover, I hope that the project will establish itself as an institution, and that our work will be continued in 50 years’ time, because education is the key that can open many doors.


Serhat Demir
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