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Max Ammareller

32 years old, teaching degree in English/history/Spanish, school tutor, personal assistant for people with disabilities, outdoor education teacher, globetrotter, theatre and music enthusiast

Max Ammareller


Time travel to the past: as a 12th-year student, you meet a talent scout; how would he have described you, which talents would he have identified in you?
The scout would have encountered a massive theatre enthusiast who was pursuing the goal of becoming an actor. I knew since my very first school play with our theatre troupe that I’m at home in that world. After my social year, I auditioned at several drama schools, but sadly I wasn’t accepted by any. I thought it was absurd that the examiner only spent five minutes assessing a candidate’s talent. Following that experience, I decided to spend a great portion of my spare time on stage, but to earn a living doing something else. Without giving it too much thought, I applied for a teaching degree in English and history at RUB and enrolled at university.
In retrospect, I’m sure that an interview with a talent scout would have definitely helped me look into my study options in more detail and consider alternatives.

Today, you are a talent scout yourself; why are you the right person for the job, what are your strengths?
My teaching degree has provided a good foundation for my new role. As I pursued my degree, I made sure to broaden my horizons and gathered many different experiences in school practice. When I decided to drop out of my teacher training two years ago, the system ‘school’ didn’t lose its hold on me: I worked as an assistant for disabled people and as an outdoor education teacher in an educational institution. At a secondary school in Recklinghausen, I was involved in the project “Kulturrucksack NRW” as a drama educator. Consequently, I interacted with all kinds of people and have helped them recognise and nurture their strengths.

Looking into the future, five years from now: what have you learned? At what kind of experiences do you look back?
I do hope that I will have learned a lot about myself and about ways to support other people. I also hope that many of the talents will consider me their mentor, whom they trust and whom they wish to have by their side on their way towards the future for a while.



Max Ammareller
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Universitätsstraße 105
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