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Secondary schools of the Gymnasium type


Christian-Rohlfs-Gymnasium in Hagen

Talentscout Halil Ülker betreut die Talente in Hagen:

„Christian Rohlfs ist Namensgeber des städtischen Gymnasiums in Hagen-Haspe. Auch er war, nachdem er im Alter von 15 Jahren ein Bein verloren hatte, auf einen Talentscout und -förderer angewiesen. Es war sein Hausarzt, der seine künstlerischen Fähigkeiten entdeckte und ihm durch weitere Kontakte ein Studium ermöglichte. Gute Vorzeichen also, um als Talentscout hier am Christian-Rohlfs-Gymnasium zu starten.“

Albert-Martmöller-Gymnasium in Witten

Project coordinator and talent scout Julia Baumann mentors grammar-school students:

„’Attentive – People-centred – With joined forces’: this is what Albert-Martmöller-Gymnasium in Witten stands for. Following this ideal, AMG provides a plethora of excellent concepts and advice, in order to foster its students’ individual talents throughout their entire school career. Talent scouting is thus a great addition to their concept! Since I had hitherto acted exclusively as a project coordinator, I am now delighted to be an active talent scout at AMG, mentoring and supporting the students in person.“

Märkische Schule in Wattenscheid, Städtisches Gymnasium 

Talent scout Max Ammareller is frequent visitor at the Gymnasium:

„Märkische Schule in Wattenscheid was familiar ground, because I had visited Wattenscheider Stadthalle before, a venue that also serves as the school’s assembly hall. It’s worth noting that my dear colleagues Julia Zielberg and Halil Ülker used to attend this school. Many of the older teachers still remember them. What I like about Märkische Schule is that students who completed their education at a secondary school of the Realschule type have the option to enter the sixth form here. They initially attend special tutorials in core subjects such as maths, German, foreign languages and natural sciences that prepare them for their A-levels. Many of these students come to me for advice.

Another noteworthy factor is the fact that Märkische Schule is an elite school of sports and football as well as an NRW sport school that closely collaborates with the Olympic Training Centre Wattenscheid. Exchange programmes with a high school in Florida are organised for sixth-form students. The school’s new objective is to breathe new life into the community hall by establishing a cinema there. The idea is to incorporate a café into the cinema, thus turning it into a venue where young and old can meet and socialise. The dedicated members of the student council strongly advocate a makeover for their school. In collaboration with the Falken society, daycare for younger students is provided in the afternoons.“

Graf-Engelbert-Schule, Gymnasium in the city of Bochum

Max Ammareller is a scout at this Gymnasium:

„Graf-Engelbert-Schule is located in Königsallee, surrounded by beautiful parks. My brother-in-law used to be a student here. I always used to listen attentively when he was telling me about his unusual extracurricular project groups: as participant in an extracurricular Swedish language course, he had, for example, been lucky enough to take part in a student exchange with a Finnish school (sounds weird, but it’s true). Moreover, he played hockey on the school’s ice rinks.

During my very first visit, I was very impressed by the school community’s commitment. I met the headmaster, Mr Gellesch, when he was teaching the integration class for student refugees. According to him, many of these students are highly motivated and learn German at an impressive pace. I am looking forward to meeting the new students in my mentoring capacity. The GES introduced inclusive classrooms a while ago, where all students learn together. In addition to the activities mentioned above, there are many project groups, international student exchange programmes, and a dedicated student council.“


Theodor-Körner-Schule, Gymnasium in Bochum-Linden

Talent scout Halil Ülker provides assistance at this Gymnasium:

„Many of my friends attended Theodor-Körner-Schule when I too was still at school and took their A-levels here. Therefore, I have close ties to this school and am thrilled to work as a talent scout here. At this school, talent scouting is very expertly embedded into the career and university guidance schemes.“


Lessing-Schule Bochum, Städtisches Gymnasium in Bochum

Talent scout Mira Stepec mentors students at Lessing-Schule:

„Walking to work – this is how short my commute is when I set off to meet up with students for one-on-one mentoring sessions at Lessing-Gymnasium once a month. The school is located in my neighbourhood. Many of my friends went to school and took their A-levels here. I was therefore extremely happy when I got the news that I’d been accepted as talent scout in the existing comprehensive university and career guidance programme that is so important at this school.“