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Secondary schools of the Gesamtschule type


Gesamtschule Wulfen in Dorsten

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Talentscout Mira Stepec unterstützt die Talente in Dorsten:

„Die Gesamtschule Wulfen (GSW) habe ich als sehr offene und freundliche Schule kennengelernt, in der ich mich sehr wohlfühle. Während meiner etwas längeren Anreise zur GSW bis an die Grenze zum Münsterland freue ich mich jedes Mal auf die ländliche Umgebung, in der die Schule liegt. Da ich selbst in einer Stadt in der Nähe aufgewachsen bin, weiß ich, dass es für die Schüler in Wulfen aufgrund der Entfernung schwieriger ist, 'mal eben' eine Uni zu besuchen, um in eine Vorlesung hineinzuschnuppern. Umso sinnvoller ist es, dass ich als Talentscout vor Ort bin, um als erste Orientierung für die Schüler eine Brücke zu den Angeboten von Hochschulen im Ruhrgebiet oder in Münster zu schlagen.“


Hardenstein-Gesamtschule in Witten Herbede

Talent scout Max Ammareller is in charge of this Gesamtschule:

„I was familiar with Hardenstein-Schule even before I became a talent scout. I used to run theatre workshops for sixth-year students from the literature course, which was great fun. I always felt very much at home there. This is why it was important to me to continue to mentor Hardensteiner students as their pursued their academic careers. The student body is involved in political and cultural issues. Together with the youth centre WERK°STADT Witten, the action group 'Schule ohne Rassismus – Schule mit Courage' ('school without racism – school with courage') has now organised the Welcome Festival for the second time. What’s exceptional: Hardenstein-Schule sets great store by volunteering work. Students who show great commitment in that regard get invited on a skiing holiday.“


Erich Kästner-Gesamtschule in Bochum

Talent scouts Serhat Demir and Mira Stepec provide advice to the Gesamtschule students:

„Erich-Kästner-Gesamtschule is the school where Serhat and I first started scouting, which makes it the first talent scouting school in Bochum. As there has been a great rush among the school-leavers who wished to join the programme, we still hold regular office hours for sixth-year students at the career guidance centre, i.e. Berufsorientierungsbüro, in Markstraße. Moreover, located at the U35 underground route, the school is basically just around the corner from RUB; consequently, many school-leavers visit us in our office on the campus.“


Gesamtschule Else Lasker-Schüler in Wuppertal

Talent scout Serhat Demir and Halil Ülker are in charge of this school:

„Else Laskar-Schüler Schule is an arts and culture school with a unique concept: it combines the disciplines music, theatre and natural sciences under one roof. Where else but here could talent yield better results? A Wuppertal-based journalist pointed out a young talent who attends Else Laskar-Schüler Schule to us. As a result, the student in question joined the RUB talent scouting programme. What does this have to do with Else Laskar-Schüler Gesamtschule? Correct, she hasn’t been the only young talent among the students of that arts and culture school. This is why Halil and I have been mentoring the students since the start of term.“


Städtische Gesamtschule Hattingen

Talent scout Serhat Demir is from Hattingen, which is why he’s at this school:

„This Gesamtschule was the first school in Hattingen that we mentored as talent scouts. The fact that it is the only school of the Gesamtschule type in the area is reflected in its student body: many of its students come from as far as Bochum, Witten and Essen. Gesamtschule Hattingen opened its doors not only to students from other municipalities, but also to new ideas, as is evidenced in its day-to-day operations. Students feel very much at home and they demonstrate that they’re happy there. Moreover, the school has been collaborating with RUB in various projects for a long time; the exchange is therefore very pleasant.“


Willy-Brandt-Schule, Gesamtschule in Mülheim Styrum

Talent scout Halil Ülker has very close ties to this school:

„The WBS has long been a school close to my heart. This is because I used to work as an intersection coordinator here, prior to my assignment as talent scout, and I know my way around the school as well as around the district where it is located. Even though I very much enjoyed working in Mülheim-Styrum, I opted for becoming a talent scout. I’m all the happier to be able to return to WBS in my new role.“


Willy-Brandt-Gesamtschule Bochum

Talent scout Mira Stepec knows and appreciates this school:

„I’ve been familiar with Willy-Brandt-Gesamtschule for a few years, as I used to organise career-guidance projects there, in collaboration of my society 'Durchstarten'. Consequently, it has been very important to me to continue mentoring school-leavers on their career path in my capacity as talent scout. Therefore, I got in touch with the headmaster’s office, where the idea of talent scouting met with great enthusiasm. I am now routinely working with highly dedicated students and teachers at the school, who have fully accepted me in my new role.“


Heinrich-Böll-Gesamtschule in Bochum Grumme

Talent scout Halil Ülker provides assistance at this Gesamtschule:

„In my experience, Heinrich-Böll-Gesamtschule has proved to be a school with great and dedicated teachers. Here in Bochum, it is known for its musical education programmes. I’m sure it has many talented students who are barely aware of their enormous potential and whose performance is outstanding in the context of their lives.“