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Cuno-Berufskolleg II in Hagen

Talentscout Max Ammereller kümmert sich um die Talente in Hagen:

„Seit Dezember 2016 biete ich meine Beratung für die Oberstufenschüler dort an. Die Talente, die meine Sprechstunde nutzen, besuchen meistens die ingenieurwissenschaftlichen oder gestaltungstechnischen Bildungsgänge und kommen aus dem Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis. Spannend finde ich die vielfältigen Eigenschaften meiner Talente, die unterschiedlichen Alters sind und häufig keine geradlinige Bildungsgeschichte mitbringen. Sie sehen und nutzen den Besuch der gymnasialen Oberstufe als echte Chance. Das Kollegium engagiert sich sehr für die Schülerschaft und die Atmosphäre ist auch aufgrund des Unterrichts in Klassenverbänden sehr familiär.“


Berufskolleg Witten in the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis

Talent scout Serhat Demir is mentor at the Berufskolleg:

„Berufskolleg Witten is the first school where I was deployed as a talent scout. I took up my assignment very enthusiastically, and I have not been disappointed. The Berufskolleg is a highly diverse school, both in terms of its educational programmes and in terms of its student body that is made up of people of all ages as well as educational and family backgrounds. Consequently, working here is immensely interesting and exciting. Most importantly, it’s also crowned by success, because my work is embedded into a well-appointed advisory team in-house. Talent scouting thus complements the services provided by school counsellors, social workers and career consultants, with whom I closely collaborate.“


Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg in Marl/Haltern

Talent scout Mira Stepec provides assistance to the Berufskolleg:

„My younger brother took his A-levels at Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg; I attended the school across the street. I’m therefore very familiar with the ins and outs at the Berufskolleg, which is why it was my school of choice. I soon realised that one thing hasn’t changed: the Berufskolleg does all it can to provide extracurricular opportunities and point out career perspectives to its students. I’m very glad to be involved in such a dedicated advisory team. The school’s diverse educational programmes prove very helpful: delicious treat served at events, for example, are supplied by students of home economics, while arts and media students provide creative designs for information leaflets. Everything runs more than smoothly.“


Alice-Salomon-Berufskolleg, vocational schools and vocational schools of the Gymnasium type in Bochum

Talentscout Halil Ülker collaborates with the Berufskolleg:

„The Alice-Salomon-Berufskolleg was the school where I had a particularly gratifying experience: that Berufskolleg was the first school that I mentored in my capacity as talent scout; it was attended by the first school-leaver whom I’d help find his degree of choice, plus a Studienpioniere grant. What else is there to be expected from a school that, thanks to its number of students, is the largest one in Bochum?!“