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theatre play Hey boss, I’m here to see you

Hey Boss, ich will zu Dir (Hey boss, I’m here to see you): theatre play with job interview training

On September 18, 2017 at 6pm, the RUB talent scouts presented a guest performance from Theater Lutz at Musisches Zentrum.

What the play was about:

Herr Hauptmann has had enough! Just graduated, his daughter is turning the small family business upside down. The people she’s invited to interviews for new apprenticeship vacancies have the „loser“ label stuck to them: a single mother with an immigrant background, a young lady in a wheelchair – and the token asylum seeker with a beard and dark hair. Does Herr Hauptmann really have to look on while „such people“ destroy his life’s work?

After the performance, the actors gave a workshop focusing on body language, and they were happy to answer questions from the audience.

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