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Prof. Dr Kornelia Freitag
Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing Education
Building UV 3/375
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-24745 or -27877
Fax: +49 (0)234 32-14504




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When it comes to implementing our institutional teaching strategy, we leave nothing to chance. Various incentives help ensure that good teaching ideas that are put forward by students and lecturers across all faculties are tested and made available for use by everyone. This process is further supported by various quality management tools.

Funding programmes provide motivation

A variety of funding programmes help stimulate the ongoing development of teaching practices at RUB. The “Master 2.0” Strategic Development Programme, for example, has produced new programmes of study that are closely linked to key research areas, include interdisciplinary elements, and are conducted in a foreign language or bilingually. The “RUB International” programme pursues the same objective by supporting faculty-level (the term "faculty" is used for RUB’s disciplinary institutional units) projects that combine excellent research and research-based teaching and help to promote international linkages. The “Research-Based Learning” programme aids the implementation of our institutional strategy especially with regard to bachelor’s degree programmes. The funding scheme inStudies aims to facilitate the transition from secondary school to university and to enable students to form their own individualised study profiles and specialisations.

Quality management in dialogue

Those in positions of responsibility at various levels are committed to ensuring high quality in teaching, guidance, and examinations. To this end, they use evaluations of individual seminars and lectures and results from RUB student questionnaires from new entrants to graduates. Against the background of this data, in the teaching report they regularly assess the structure of degree programmes of the faculty as well as any additional services available, e.g. faculty-specific course guidance. The systematic further development and training of teaching staff and standard campus-wide tools for the dissemination of new ideas in teaching provide additional support for the overall development of teaching in alignment with our Institutional Strategy.