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Dr. Martina Schmohr
On-the-Job Training and Counselling
Building SH 1/141
Phone: +49 (0) 234/32-28850


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Personnel Development

Personnel development has been strategically anchored in the philosophy of the Ruhr-Universität for years. Systematic methods of personnel selection and all-embracing provision of consultation and continuing education in university teaching questions are an important building block of good teaching at the RUB.

Good teaching – supported by ifb and ZAT

The "On-the-job Training and Counselling Office" (ifb) enables demand-oriented expansion of teaching competence for various target groups. Its innovative formats encompass individualised, subject-specific and cross-subject consulting and continuing education offers.
Teachers at the RUB also include many tutors, teaching assistants and practice group leaders. The Education Centre for Tutors (Zentrale Ausbildung für Tutorinnen und Tutoren) at the RUB (ZAT) provides cross-subject qualifications in the form of training, coaching and sitting in on lectures.