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Prof. Dr Kornelia Freitag
Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing Education
Building UV 3/375
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-24745 or -27877
Fax: +49 (0)234 32-14504





The "universitas" ideal is the guiding principle for all teaching at RUB. Students, as members of the university, are actively involved in the development of teaching practices and formats; thus they not only acquire relevant specialist knowledge during their studies, but also develop self-reliance, their powers of judgement, a sense of responsibility, and an appreciation of other disciplines.

Our principle: Research-based learning

Research-based learning is a guiding principle for our bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, which is reflected in our strategic plan as well as our mission statement for teaching.

Our approach: Research-oriented teaching

Because every child is a researcher at heart, research-based teaching and the opportunity to develop individualised learning pathways at RUB is available to students even before graduating from secondary school. RUB invites school pupils of any age to visit the Alfried-Krupp School Laboratory, where they can let their curiosity run wild.
Even before graduating, upper secondary school pupils can study at RUB’s SchülerUni (SchoolUni). The credits they earn there will be taken into account when they attend university at a later stage. Bachelor’s students acquire research experience by conducting independent research into problems of their own choosing and presenting their findings to an audience (of their peers).
In master’s-level studies, students have the opportunity to deepen their expertise – through participation in interdisciplinary teams and research projects or through targeted training for later career fields.

Our plans: Increasing internationalisation

In accordance with the objectives set out in our internationalisation strategy, RUB plans to further increase the number of degree programmes taught in English or other foreign languages as well as the number of joint degree programmes in order to boost the university’s appeal among international students and to support the mobility of its own students. Our “Master 2.0” degree programmes, which attract top students from Germany and abroad, represent an important step in the right direction.