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maz ab: students behind the camera

“At first I had no idea about television production.” Nine months later Joschka Thiel is a presenter on TV.RUB, the magazine programme of the RUB‘s teaching-learning editorial staff, which is shown monthly on the Learning Channel NRW. “Everyone can contribute their ideas and make suggestions for the editing”, says project leader Indira Dupuis. Then a team is put together to film the item. The assignment of roles changes, so everyone gets a go behind the camera, directing and helping to lug equipment.
Detailed Report [pdf]

bodo-Verkäufer und Studenten im Supermarkt

With muffins in the supermarket

Klaus Sippelmann has settled himself with a folding chair in the entrance of the Real supermarket in Bochum. For two or three years, he has been selling the street newspaper bodo here. “I think most buyers already know bodo, either because they have been reading it for a long time, or from the television or radio”, he suggests. Today he has visitors who aim to put these assumptions on an empirically sound footing: Niklas Poll and Michael Sturm study economics and are writing their theses in the Department of Marketing on the buying behaviour of potential bodo readers.
Detailed Report [pdf]