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Can I apply as a postgraduate student?
No. You can only apply for a scholarship from the Scholarship Fund if you are studying for the first time or second degree studies. Scholarships for postgraduates are offered, for instance, by the Research School. You can find further scholarships on the Awards and Scholarships page and on the pages of the Central Student Advisory Board.

I am a medical student and I take a doctoral degree in addition to my state examination. Can I apply for “Deutschlandstipendium”?
Yes, if you are enrolled as a degree student.

I have just finished my school leaving certificate and have signed up to join the RUB in the Winter Semester.
The online application form for school leavers starting their studies at the RUB in the Winter Semester will be released in July 2018. For application deadlines click here.

I am studying at another university.
You can only apply if you are studying at the RUB from the beginning of the period of eligibility onwards. If you are not registered at the RUB yet but want to join the RUB as of the Winter Semester 2018/2019, contact us regarding your application for the Scholarship Fund by email: We will send you a provisory student number until May 24th, 2018 inclusive - please use it for the online application. Requests that reach us at a later date will not be considered, as well as applications without this provisory student number.

Please notice: Students who are enrolled at RUB are treated preferred.

I am studying at another university. When can I apply?
The application period for those changing courses for the Winter Semester 2018/2019 starts in April 2018.

Can I also apply as a foreign student?
Yes. If you obtained your school leaving certificate / first degree abroad, please convert your grades to the decimal system if necessary. If you do not have a grade, please enter "n/a" for "not applicable". The application period for foreign students for the Winter Semester 2018/19 starts in April 2018.

I’m studying xy as a second degree studies.
Yes. Applicants doing a second degree studies have the opportunity to receive a Deutschlandstipendium scholarship.

I am taking an internship semester/ semester off/ semester abroad for the term in which the support begins during the internship semester/ semester off/ semester abroad. Can I apply?

I am finishing my BA at the RUB this semester and will be starting my MA there next semester. Can I apply?
Yes. Please enter the qualification you are aiming to acquire next in "First target degree" (so since you are doing a BA, then "Bachelor").
You should then enter the time you are aiming to complete your MA as "date you are planning to finish your studies". You can also make a note that the scholarship is intended for your MA course in the empty “notes” field.


Other means of support

I receive BAföG. Is the scholarship offset against it?
No. BAföG support and the scholarship are two programmes that complement each other. Students can claim both means of support simultaneously without deductions.

I receive a grant from a scholarship foundation. Can I apply?
Double funding in combination with a talent and performance-related material support from another institution (e.g. scholarship foundations) is not permissible. BAföG and any support whose sum averages less than € 30 per month are excluded.

I was abroad on an ERASMUS or DAAD programme. Does that count as double funding?
No. But please mention it in your tabular CV when applying.

Is the scholarship offset against other social benefits (apart from BAföG)?
No. The scholarship is basically not offset against other social benefits such as "Arbeitslosengeld II" ["Unemployment benefit II"]. One exception is claiming housing benefit.

Can I claim housing benefit in parallel to the scholarship?
Yes. But claimants of housing benefit must note that half of the amount of the scholarship, like other grants, is taken into consideration for calculating annual income. If you have any further questions regarding grants and housing benefit, please contact your housing benefit office.

Does the scholarship have any effect on the payment of child benefit?
Receiving the scholarship has no effect on child benefit receipt by the scholar's parents.

Does the scholarship have any effect on the contribution to statutory health insurance?
The scholarship has no effect on the contribution to statutory health insurance as long as the scholarship student is compulsorily insured with a statutory health insurance (which is the case, as a rule, until the end of the 14th semester or upon reaching the age of 30). The case is different if the scholarship student is then insured as a voluntary member. Legislation states that there is a minimum payment for voluntary members. Contributions are calculated assuming a basis of assessment that currently amounts to € 851.67 (2012: € 875.00). If the income that is subject to contributions of those insured (this also includes grants) exceed this value, the corresponding income will be subject to contributions.

Does the scholarship have any effect on my claim to maintenance from my parents?
Yes. The scholarship is deemed as "reducing requirements" in regard to maintenance, i.e. the permitted maximum claimable maintenance will be reduced. Students of age are obliged to keep themselves with their own means before making claims on their parents. The scholarship counts as the scholarship student’s own income.

How is my scholarship treated in terms of taxation?
The Scholarships Programme Act [Stipendienprogramm-Gesetz (StipG)] is designed so that grants are not usually treated as income that is subject to tax and social security contributions.

Problems filling in the form

I forgot something when filling in the application. / I would like to change something on my application form. What do I have to do?

After sending your application documents, changes to application form is not possible! Please apply with complete documents and inform yourself in advance. Save the transcipt of records or the high school diploma (High scholl graduates) as a pdf-file on your computer. If there are any problems with uploading, please change the browser you're using.

Please notice:
Upload only the transcript of recorts, otherwise your application will be rejecteted! High-school graduates and first semester students upload the high-school diploma. Students who are enrolled at RUB are treated preferred.

What should I enter for "First target degree"?
Please enter the next degree you will receive (so if you are doing a BA course, enter “Bachelor").

I have not yet received any grades in my degree course. Can I apply?
Yes. Please enter n/a (not applicable).

How is the grade average calculated?
Please contact your faculty’s examination office for this information. If you cannot state a grade average, please use the empty fields to describe your achievements as a student.

If you are not registered at the RUB yet but want to join the RUB as of the Winter Semester 2018/2019, please enter n/a (not applicable).

My browser is saying “invalid security certificate”. What do I have to do?
The server has a valid DFN certificate that is recognised by more modern browsers (IE from 7 upwards and Firefox from 3.6 upwards). With older browser versions an exception has to be added.

Which transcript of records do I have to upload?
Please upload your latest transcript of records with your current university grades.
If you are not registered at a university yet but want to join the RUB as of the Winter Semester 2018/2019, please upload your school leaving certificate.

I have to give information about my 2nd subject, but I only study one. What should I do?
Nothing. Just leave everything in presets.

After sending my application there is the error “When entering the master data don’t use special characters”. What could be the cause of it?
The error might occur, if there are hidden special characters in the individual texts (e.g. letter of motivation). These could arise from “copy/paste”. The system might even count inverted commas as special characters, so you better do without these as well. If you enter texts with copy/paste, use Editor or a similar programme which produces txt-files. It reduces the possibility of hidden special characters.


Does the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship continue to be paid during a temporary course abroad, such as part of an ERASMUS programme?
The scholarship continues to be paid during a subject-related stay abroad within the duration of the scholarship. As part of the ERASMUS programme this even applies if the scholarship student is receiving a mobility allowance from the DAAD at the same time. However, we would kindly ask you – if possible – not to stay abroad during your time as a scholar to be able to ensure constant exchange and contact with your sponsor and other scholars.

What happens when I take a leave of absence while I receive a Deutschlandstipendium scholarship?
During a leave of absence from your studies, e.g. for personal or family reasons, pregnancy or parental leave or caring for a close relative, the scholarship will not continue to be paid. As soon as you continue your studies the duration of the scholarship will be extended by the time of leave of absence. This does not apply if the studies are continued during the leave of absence, e.g. during a semester abroad or an internship.

Can the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship be paid during a leave of absence if there is an internship being done which aids the course during this time?
A differentiation has to be made here between compulsory internships, in Germany and abroad, and other internships. Compulsory internships in Germany are integrated into the course and do not clash with payment of the scholarship. The case is similar with internships abroad insofar as they are provided for in the respective study regulations; they can be seen as "subject-related stays abroad". If the scholarship student takes a leave of absence for other internships that are not provided for in the respective study regulations, the scholarship will not be paid during this time. Please contact us if you wish to do internships that are not provided for in the course (such as internships to bridge the waiting time between a BA and an MA course).

What happens if I finish my Bachelor’s degree while I am awarded with a scholarship? Do I have to reapply for the Master programme?
The scholarship generally ends when you graduate successfully in your degree course, including the Bachelor’s degree. When you finish your studies, please immediately contact us and send us an email with your current certificate of study, your Transcript of Records and your Bachelor certificate.

Can I be sponsored again after one year?
Yes, you can apply for continued scholarship after a year. Whether you receive it depends primarily on the quality of your application. And also, of course, on whether your sponsors continue their support after a year.

Can I apply after the application period has elapsed?

What are the support guidelines for the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship?
You can find the legislation on the German National Scholarship Programme (Deutschlandstipendium) here.

Is there a right to a scholarship in the Scholarship Fund?
No. Every tertiary education establishment decides for itself whether to offer the scholarship and to whom. The scholarship students are selected by university bodies on the basis of the criteria laid out. Please note: the scholarship is marit-based.

Why did I not get a scholarship notification letter?
You have to be enrolled at Ruhr-University Bochum for the winter semester in which the scholarship starts to receive a notification. If you are not enrolled or re-registered, this could be the reason why you did not receive an answer regarding the scholarship award.

Why did some of my fellow students already get a response whether they are accepted for the Deutschlandstipendium and I did not?
As we are not able to send all letters of acceptance or refusal at once, some students get their answer sooner and some later. However, everyone will get their letter of acceptance or refusal until the end of October via email.

Will applications by email be accepted?
No. Applications will only be accepted when submitted via the respective link on our homepage during the given application period. Mail or email applications will not be taken into consideration.

I was not invited for a selection interview. Does that mean I will not receive a scholarship?
No. Some scholarships are awarded independently. Selection interviews are conducted only to single out suitable candidates for these scholarships.