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Teaching experience

during PhD (Department of Zoology) supervision of practical students in Africa


teaching assistant in the class of Michael J. Ryan (Animal Communication) duties and responsibilities: student supervision and evaluation
2004 - 2007 (University of Würzburg)

Medical department:

Biochemistry for Medical students (lecture, seminar and practical course) Preparation of the final exam and oral examination of medical students in the "Physikum".

Biology department:

Molecular Methods in Zoology (lecture, seminar, practical course)
every year since 2007 (University of Bochum - Biology department) beginners classes:

Evolutionary Ecology/Invertebrate Phyla (lecture) - every winter semester
Animal Taxonomy (lecture, practical course) - every winter semester
Faunistic excursion (practical course and lecture) - every summer semester
advanced classes (4 week intensive blocks):

Population Genetics and Phylogeny (lecture, seminar, practical course)

Biodiversity (lecture, seminar, practical course)

Coral reef ecology (lecture, seminar, 2 week excursion to the Red Sea including scuba diving)

Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity of Invertebrates including an introduction to ecological research (lecture, seminar, practical course)

Methods of Biodiversity Research (basic statistics / experimental planning / population genetics) (lecture, practical course)

In addition to these classes I am supervising project laboratory work of many students and bachelor, master theses on a variety of topics.
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