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                           4th and 5th June 2013


                   Venue: RUB Veranstaltungszentrum

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Registration is free of charge for all participants. Deadline for registration is Monday 20th May 2013. Please note that registration is necessary for participation. There will be a Poster Session, if you are interested please upload an abstract during registration.


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It is our great pleasure to announce this two-day Opening Symposium launching the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV (Ruhr Explores Solvation). The aim of RESOLV is to develop the extensive field of Solvation Science, i.e. to gain a more profound understanding of solvation processes based on fundamental research in the chemical, physical, and engineering sciences. This opens the door to developing key technologies surrounding tropical issues such as improving energy efficiency and optimizing industrial processes, as well as preventing corrosion. Additionally, as virtually all biochemical processes take place within a liquid environment, understanding solvation is crucial to unravelling biological function in a comprehensive manner. Within this novel concept, solvents, such as water, are as regarded as active units that play a functional role in solvent-mediated and solvent-controlled reactions, not just as passive bystanders. The research field Solvation Science @ RUB is composed of three areas:
  • Understanding and Exploiting Solvation in Chemical
  • Connecting Solvation Dynamics with Biomolecular
  • Ion Solvation and Chemical Reactions at Interfaces
Partner Alliances:
RUB scientists will investigate the role of solvents with colleagues from the Universitäts Allianz Metropole Ruhr (UAMR) (TU Dortmund and Universität Duisburg-Essen), three Max-Planck Institutes (MPI für Eisenforschung (Düsseldorf), Kohlenforschung and Chemische Energiekonversion (Mülheim an der Ruhr)), and the Frauenhofer Institute UMSICHT (Oberhausen).
International Faculty (IF):
International collaborations with leading universities worldwide are an integral part of RESOLV. This will ensure that students can work together with excellent researchers from around the world leading to first-class science and paving the way to a better internationalization of the RUB campus.
Graduate School Solvation Science (GSS):
A new international and interdisciplinary Graduate School for doctoral students will emerge from the RESOLV project. It aims to promote high-profile research, encourage early scientific independence and internationalization, and develop gender mainstreaming.