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Information about the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV

General information about the Cluster of Exellence RESOLV is summarized in the RESOLV flyer. Here you can learn about the activities dedicated to the research field Solvation Science.

RESOLV Flyer   (2.1 MB)

Chemistry wins funding for its Cluster of Excellence RESOLV

The research field "Solvation Science" will be strongly enforced by the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV ("Ruhr Explores Solvation) - Solvents as active units". On May 15th 2012 the decisions of the German Excellence Initiative were announced. Bochum's Cluster of Excellence is one of the only two Clusters of Excellence in the field of Chemistry. This success will support innovative research in the new research field "Solvation Science" with about 28 Mio €.

The aim of the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV is to develop methods and technologies to investigate chemical reactions, industrial processes or biological processes in the liquid phase. “The researchers in this project view solvent molecules as functional units to be employed as active species in solvent-mediated and solvent-controlled processes, rather than being just inert and passive spectators." explains Professor Dr. Martina Havenith-Newen, speaker of RESOLV.


Resolv Erfolg

The Cluster of Excellence "on the Go": Prof. Dr. Roland Winter, Prof. Dr. Dominik Marx, Prof. Dr. Martina Havenith-Newen and Prof. Dr. Wolfram Sander (from left to right) are the responsibles for the research areas of RESOLV.


Refer for further details to:

Press Release No. 205, RUB

Solvation Science Homepage


Cluster of Excellence ”RESOLV”: Solvents as active units

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The aim of this Cluster of Excellence proposal is to develop “Solvation Science” on the basis of a molecular and rational approach.To gain deeper insights into this research area is long overdue. A profound understanding of solvation processes grounded on fundamental research in chemical, physical and engineering sciences however is the prerequisite to develop vital key technologies for preventing environmental pollution, for improving energy efficiency and for understanding corrosion processes and for explaining biological functions.

With 19 active collaborations with international universities, the Cluster Excellence of RESOLV (Ruhr Explores Solvation, Speaker: Prof. Dr. Martina Havenith-Newen) is a very good example for realizing an International Faculty (IF). The IF Solvation Science will thrive on research projects with a distinctive international focus and bring excellent researchers from all over the world to the RUB. In this way, it will not only strengthen research and teaching, but also enhance the public appeal for our campus.

In addition, scienctists from RUB will investigate the role of solvents together with colleagues from the Universitäts Allianz Metropole Ruhr (TU Dortmund und Universität Duisburg-Essen), three Max Planck Institutes (MPI für Eisenforschung (Düsseldorf) , Kohlenforschung und chemische Energie (both Mülheim an der Ruhr), and the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT (Oberhausen). 


Further details you find on this web page “Solvation Science @ RUB”
, in the press release 262 of RUB (2011) “Excellence Initiative: Ruhr-Universität Bochum on the finish line”
as well as the press release 205 of RUB (2012) “New Cluster of Excellence: Chemists investigate solvation processes”.


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