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Gender Activities of RESOLV

RESOLV aims at increasing the portion of female researchers to at least 30% at all career levels. Some of the measures taken to achieve this are listed below.

Gender Board

A RESOLV Gender Board has been established that comprises all female PIs and PSs in RESOLV. It is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all gender issues. The Gender Board organizes regular meetings for all female RESOLV researchers, which encourages knowledge and experience transfer between the scientists, especially between young and experienced researchers. RESOLV's female PIs together with female RUB alumni, who have successfully entered a career outside of academia, act as mentors for the younger female scientists. The experienced female scientists serve as role models.

International Female Faculty

The International Female Faculty was founded within RESOLV with the specific aim to support and promote women in scientific careers. The International Female Faculty was founded in conjunction with the NCCR MUST (Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology) Network in Switzerland and organises regular International Women Scientist Meetings.

Gender Colloquia

Internationally renowned female researchers are invited to give scientific talks and symposia within the International Female Faculty (IFF). Please see our list of RESOLV Gender Colloquia for details.

Workshops and Training Programs

Special workshops and training programs to improve soft skills and to learn how to efficiently acquire third-party funding, etc. are offered. We closely link these activities to those of our partner institutions in the International Faculty (IF) in the shape of our International Female Faculty (IFF), for example with the Swiss Center of Excellence MUST (Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology).

Family Friendly Environment

Furthermore, establishing a Family Friendly Environment is at the heart of RESOLV. The RUB supports this by offering the “ProKids” service center for parents and the bilingual model “Campus Day Care Center”. In addition to this, RUB was one of the first universities to introduce a Dual Career Concept as part of their hiring strategy and it was approved as a “family friendly” university by the Hertie foundation.

One of the major obstacles and difficulties is the handling of hazardous materials or chemicals during pregnancy. Thus, RESOLV will finance a laboratory assistant service for pregnant women. In order to secure the progress of ongoing projects, this financial support is extended for an additional six months after delivery to compensate for maternity leave and restricted lab work, thereby facilitating the mothers' return into their scientific careers. RESOLV will allocate special funds for additional child care at conferences and workshops, and offer a baby-sitting service on demand.

Our goal is to implement long-lasting structures that will help to mold the academic environment into one which encourages and supports more talented women scientists. We additionally want to guarantee the sustainability of gender equality beyond RESOLV’s funding period.

Speaker of the Gender Board

Please contact:
Prof. Dr. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya

Child care service

During the third Gender Board Meeting in November 2015 Kertin Tepper and Uwe Kossmann from RUB central departments presented the child care service at RUB. Please see here for more information.

International Women Scientist Meeting 2015

The second International Women Scientist Meeting took place at the Ruhr-University Bochum on 16th and 17th of June 2015. Please see here for more information.