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Scale bridging modelling of inelastic processes of hydraulic stimulation

Doctorate Researchers: Ildar Khisamitov, Maria Camila Osorno Tejada
Principal Investigators: Günther Meschke, Holger Steeb

The modeling of inelastic processes of hydraulic stimulation involves different multiscale problems such as transport in porous media and evolving cracks. Macroscopic effective properties are estimated through the homogenization over a RVE of the properties computed in a smaller scale (micro-scale) with continuum micromechanics.

For the estimation of permeability of fractured rocks, a macro-crack is modeled as a dense distribution of micro-cracks on a smaller scale. The permeability within a micro-crack is derived from the simulation of a Stokes flow between parallel plates. The micro-crack model is extended by introducing additional physics: crack-wall slip, crack micro-tortuosity (roughness).

The effective properties estimated for the macro-scale are employed in a poroelasticity model with which we aim to simulate hydraulic fractures and cracks evolving. This model is solved with a meshless numerical method (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics). This presents several advantages with respect to mesh based numerical methods in the simulation of fractures.

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