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Podcasts - Brain CafÉs

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Brain CafÉs 2019

  • Podcast 13.03.19

    Brain Café lecture on March 13th, 2019
    Dr Lorena Deuker talks about the influence of sleep on memory and mental well-being.

  • Podcast 23.01.19

    Brain Café lecture on January 23rd, 2019
    Dr. Lara Schlaffke talks about the way playing the drums alters the brain.


Brain CafÉs 2018

  • Podcast 21.11

    Brain Café lecture on November 21st, 2018
    PD Dr Patrizia Thoma talks about the effects of alcohol dependency on interpersonal relationships.

  • Podcast 31.10

    Brain Café lecture on October 31st, 2018
    Dr Stefanie Borowy asks if Zombies are real and explains why their brains could be interesting for neuroscientists.

  • Podcast 20.06

    Brain Café lecture on September 26th, 2018
    Prof. Dr. Lars Tönges will talk about Parkinson's disease and new treatments.

  • Podcast 20.06

    Brain Café talk, 20.06.2018
    Dr. Jacqueline Reinhard will talk about risk factors for glaucoma development.

  • Podcast 16.05

    Brain Café talk, 16.05.2018
    Prof. Dr Daniel Hahn (Faculty of Sport Science, RUB) talks about the interaction between brain and muscles: "Does physical activity improve your brain?"

  • Podcast 18.04

    Brain Café talk, 18.04.2018
    Lukas Brand analyses how artificial intelligence and moral behaviour go together.

  • Podcast 21.03

    Brain Café talk, 21.03.2018
    Prof. Dr. Nikol Rummel answers the question if mistakes should be avoided in learning or not.

  • Podcast 21.02

    Brain Café talk, 21.02.2018
    PD Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Müller talks about a turning point in Alzheimer´s research.

  • Podcast 24.01

    Brain Café talk, 24.01.2018
    Dr. Gerd Waldhauser speaks on the problems of "Remembering Unintentionally and Forgetting Deliberately".


Brain CafÉs 2017

  • Podcast 22.11

    Brain Café talk, 22.11.2017
    Prof. Dr. Georg Juckel speaks on "Inflammation in the brain – How does it affect our mental health?

  • Podcast 18.10

    Brain Café talk, 18.10.2017
    PD Dr. Kerstin Hellwig speaks on special aspects of Multiple Sclerosis in women.

  • Podcast 21.06

    Brain Café talk, 21.06.2017
    Alexa Nossek speaks on the brain death criterion.

  • Podcast 17.05

    Brain Café talk, 17.05.2017
    Dr. Ida Siveke speaks on echo perception in the brain.

  • Podcast 26.04

    Brain Café talk, 26.04.2017
    Dr. Fabian Schönfeld invites you to a journey through theoretical brain research.

  • Podcast 15.03

    Brain Café talk, 15.03.2017
    Prof. Martin Brüne speaks about mental disorders in animals and how we can measure them scientifically.

  • Podcast 25.01

    Brain Café talk, 25.01.2017
    Prof. Dr. Nikolai Axmacher talk in the upcoming Brain Café will focus on "The sick brain - from Freud to Alzheimer".


Brain CafÉs 2016

  • Podcast 18.10

    Brain Café talk, 23.11.2016
    Prof. Dr. Monika Hasenbring's talk in the upcoming Brain Café will focus on the integration of psychological mechanisms in diagnostics and therapy of back pain.

  • Podcast 21.06

    Brain Café talk, 26.10.2016
    Prof. Dr. Eva Belke speaks on word finding and word finding difficulties in healthy and aphasic speakers.

  • Podcast 17.05

    Brain Café talk, 28.09.2016
    Prof. Dr. Boris Schiffer talks about neurobiological findings in connection with paedophilia.

  • Podcast 26.04

    Brain Café talk, 22.06.2016
    "The Dress Code In Our Brain". Bochum's neuroscientists investigate internet phenomenon "the dress".

  • Podcast 15.03

    Brain Café talk, 18.05.2016
    Dr. Angelika Dierolf explores the relationship between stress and aggressive behaviour.

  • Podcast 22.02

    Brain Café talk, 20.04.2016
    Prof. Dr. med. Ulf Eysel explains optical illusions.

  • Podcast 25.01

    Brain Café talk, 16.03.2016
    PD Dr. Stefanie Joachim talks about the causes and the treatment of the eye disease "glaucoma".

  • Podcast 25.01

    Brain Café talk, 24.02.2016
    PD Dr. Sebastian Ocklenburg dispels myths and legends about left-handers.

  • Podcast 25.01

    Brain Café talk, 27.01.2016
    PD Dr. Hubert Dinse talks about recent findings from research on ageing.


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