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Brain CafÉ 2018

Please note: all lectures are held in German.

Brain CafÉ - January to March 2018

Remembering Unintentionally and Forgetting Deliberately – How Our Brain Processes Unwanted Memories of the Past

Dr. Gerd Waldhauser, Faculty of Psychology, Neuropsychology, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Ruhr University Bochum

Our memories define who we are and how we perceive the world around us. On the one hand we are afraid of losing memories; on the other hand we remember events and experiences we would rather forget. What happens in the brain when those unwanted memories pop up in our heads? How does the brain distinguish between important and disturbing memories? Is it possible to control the way we remember things? New methods of research allow us not only to track the brain-physiological patterns of individual memories from the moment they are stored in the brain to their retrieval, but also to modify the way in which memories are being processed. This helps us to improve our understanding of the way we remember things and enables us to treat mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Alzheimer's – New Approaches in Basic Research

PD Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Müller, AG Cell Signaling, Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biochemistry II, Molecular Biochemistry, Ruhr University Bochum

Research into Alzheimer's disease has reached a turning-point: Many approaches towards treating the disease have failed and its causes seem less clear than ever. Currently a new research group is being established at the Ruhr University Bochum, examining new mechanisms which might be responsible for the disease. Does, for example, the cell nucleus and its genetic material play a more crucial role than hitherto recognised and can Alzheimer's be described as some sort of cancer of the brain? The research group "Cell signalling" will present their approaches in the Brain Café.

Mistakes should be avoided in learning! Or shouldn´t they?

Prof. Dr. Nikol Rummel, Pädagogische Psychologie, Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft, Ruhr University Bochum

Many instructional approaches start from the premise that mistakes in learning should be avoided. The students are supposed to perform flawlessly as soon as possible and to acquire only correct knowledge. A number of studies on the "Productive Failure" paradigm are taking a different direction. They show - in accordance with the phrase "from errors one learns"- that incorrect approaches to a problem without immediate correction can be fruitful for learning. The talk will address empirical results and theoretical aspects for both sides in order to enable a differentiated evaluation of the topic.

Brain Cafés begin at 6 pm in the University Library (UB), 1st floor, room 9 at the Ruhr University Bochum.

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Brain CafÉ 2017

Please note: all lectures are held in German.

Brain CafÉ - September to November 2017


PD Dr. Kerstin Hellwig, Klinik für Neurologie, St. Josef-Hospital Bochum, Clinic of Ruhr University Bochum

Two thirds of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients are women and the disease is diagnosed most often between the age of 20 and 40. New findings suggest that the number of MS-diagnoses increases in women, while the prevalence in men remains constant. The reasons for that are fully understood. It is assumed that environmental factors cause the disorder. Important questions will be addressed, regarding e.g. the short- and long-term influence of a pregnancy on MS or the right hormone management. The talk will give an overview over the specifics of MS in women.

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Prof. Dr. Georg Juckel, Ärztlicher Direktor des LWL-Universitätsklinikum Bochum, Direktor der Klinik für Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie und Präventivmedizin

Inflammatory factors and the activation of our immune system can play a crucial role in neurological and psychiatric disorders. Psychoneuroimmunology researchers examine the interplay of stress and the release of cytonkines as well as the activation of immune competent cells with mental disorders. It is known that illnesses like burnout and depression or schizophrenic diseases can be regarded as autoimmune diseases as well. This realization is important for the development of new treatments for these severe illnesses.

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Brain Cafés begin at 6 pm in the University Library (UB), 1st floor, room 9 at the Ruhr University Bochum.

Find here a flyer for our Brain Cafés from September to November 2017.

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