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A1 A1 A1   Physical modeling of shear formation in granular material ->
Physical modeling of shear band formation in granular and cohesive material (Triantafyllidis, König)
A4 A4     Global material relations of jointed rocks (Bruhns)
A6 A6     Festigkeit und Spannungsregime in der Oberkruste (Pohl, Rummel)
A7 A7     Fracture Energy of Propagating Cracks in Rock (Kalthoff)
  A10 A10 A10 Fluid transport and frictional strength of jointed or faulted rocks (Song, Renner, Bruhns)
    A11 A11 Strength of upper crustal rocks on different scales - from fracture experiments in the lab to mining-induced seismicity (Alber, Meier)
    A12 A12 Lateral extent and microstructure of damage zone along natural dilatant cracks (Stöckhert)
B1 B1     Ein in-situ Experiment zum Verständnis des Spröd/Duktilen - Übergangs in der kontinentalen Kruste (Harjes, Rummel)
B2 B2     Ermittlung rheologischer Parameter mittels Modellierung zeitabhängiger Krustendeformation (Roth)
B3 B3     Mikrostrukturelle Kriterien für postseismisches Kriechen unterhalb des Spröd-Plastisch-Übergangszone (Stöckhert)
  B4 B4   High stress quartz plasticity and fabric development during stress relaxation and annealing - an experimental study (Stöckhert, Trepmann)
  B5     Evolution of stress and pore fluid pressure through the plastic to brittle transition, southern Evia, Greece (Stöckhert)
    B6   Fracture pattern and deformation of quartz veins in eclogite beneath a large low-angle normal fault, Rugsondoya, Norway (Stöckhert)
    B7 B7 Rheological response of continental crust to thermal pulses related to magmatism and volcanism (Chakraborty, Hackl)
C1 C1 C1   Rheology of eclogitic rocks (Renner, Stöckhert)
C2 C2     Structural and rheological information of the Hellenic subduction zone from gravity data (Casten)
C3 C3     Rheologische Struktur in der Hellenischen Subduktionszone aus herdmechanischen Untersuchungen (Harjes, Jost)
  C4 C4 C4 Tracing the Hellenic subduction zone from the Libyan Sea to the central Aegean using onshore and offshore temporary seismological networks ->Seismicity of the Hellenic Subductions zone - microseismicity and large earthquakes (Bohnhoff, Meier, Friederich)
  C5     Time-Delayed Tectonic Effects and Interactions of Earthquakes (Roth)
    C6 C6 Elastic and anelastic properties of the Hellenic Subduction zone - plate contact and mantle wedge (Friederich, Meier)
    C7 C7 Numerical modelling of dynamic processes in the Hellenic Subduction zone (Fischer, Casten)
    C8   Relations between tectonic models and distribution of physical properties in subduction zones (Bruhns, Friederich)
      C9 Subduction channels - structures, machanisms, scales from the geological record (Stöckhert, Trepmann)
D1       Phaseneigenschaften durch Mikrowarmindentation (Berns, Stöckhert)
D2       Elementary mechanisms of dissolution reprecipitation creep in model systems   (Schmahl, Jordan, Röller)
D3       Lösungs-Fällungs-Kriechen in mehrphasigen Gesteinen: Schmelztopologie unter UHPM-Bedingungen (Röller, Duyster, Stöckhert, Maresch, Burchard)
D4       On the role of slow and sudden loading events on fracture of cylindrical hard phases in a ductile matrix (Skrotzki, Eggeler, Stöckhert)
D6       Transporteigenschaften, Lösungs- und Fällungskinetik von wässrigen Lösungen in Wechselwirkung mit Mineralparagenesen (Maresch, Burchard, Fockenberg, Medenbach)
D7       Abhängigkeit des Versetzungskriechens von Umgebungsvariablen (P,T, Chemie): Die Kontrolle durch Punktdefekte in Mineralen (Chakraborty, Becker)
  D8 D8   Modelling of granular flow accomodated by interphase material transport (Hackl) ->
Solution-precipitation creep - constitutive modelling and experimental confirmation (Hackl, Maresch)
  D9 D9 D9 Modeling of crack growth in high strength mineral garnets under seismic loading conditions (Le, Hackl) ->
Fragmentation analysis of rocks under seismic loading conditions (Le)
  D10     The grain-scale distribution of hydrous silicate melts and its effect on the viscous compaction of partially molten aggregates (Renner)
    D11   Diffusion and speciation of dissolved oxides in H2O at high pressures and temperatures (Maresch, Doltsinis)
    D12   Rheology of crystalline target rocks during impact cratering (Trepmann)
    D13 D13 Diffusion processes at solid-solid-liquid interfaces (Doltsinis, Renner)
  E1 E1 E1 The dependence of dislocation creep rate of minerals on enviromental variables (P, T and chemistry): II. The role of water.
III. Deformation behaviour of garnet - a key mineral in the crust and the mantle (Chakraborty, Becker)
  E2     High temperature indentation creep tests on rock-forming minerals (Röller, Eggeler)
      E3 Elastic properties of selected subduction zone minerals

The evolution of microstructure in polycrystalline aggregates deforming at high-temperature: Numerical modelling guided by experimental constraints

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