CRC 526 | Projectarea Z

Coordination and management

Z1 Central Tasks of the Collaborative Research Centre

Friederich, Stöckhert, Röller

The coordination and management panel (coordinator, co-coordinator, budget manager), supported by the administrative secretary in all administrational affairs, takes care for the following duties:

  • Administration and organization of the SFB
  • Coordination of project areas and project sections
  • Representation of the SFB in relation to the DFG
  • Representation of the SFB in relation to Ruhr-University
  • Organisation of SFB assemblies
  • Organization of seminaries and invited talks
  • Organization of an international colloquium (Subduction Dynamics in 2007, next one planned for 2007)
  • Preparation of reports and proposals
  • Public relations and organization of the web page
  • Supervision of SFB office

The administrative secretary, Mrs. Barbara Schmidt, is responsible for the operation of the SFB office, which implies

  • Management of the accounts
  • Personnel matters
  • Travel expenses
  • Distribution of information
  • Correspondence
  • Accomodation of guest scientist and invited speakers
  • Documentation of SFB activities

Central events

The SFB organized an international symposium with topic "Subduction Dynamics - Bridging the Scales" which took place from May, 29 to June, 1 at the IG Metall Bildungszentrum in Sprockhövel near Bochum. The presentations given during the symposium are documented in an Abstract Volume that was distributed to the participants and sent to external institutions around the world. The oral program consisted of 11 keynotes held by invited, internationally renowned scientists. The keynotes were supplemented by 6 shorter talks of external scientists. Ample time was available for discussions among the participants. The SFB presented its work exclusively during poster sessions which took place in the morning and the afternoon in between the keynotes.

The SFB also organizes a regular colloquium where scientists from other institutions around the world are invited to spend a few days with the SFB and to give a talk. The following guests visited the SFB in the third funding period.

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