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Shape Memory Technology SFB 459
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By car

Going north or south, Bochum can be reached on the highway A43/A1 (Hamburg-Cologne). Exit 19 "Ruhr-Universität" is situated at the junction of A 43 and A 44. Going east or west, highway A 44 (Netherlands-Kassel) in Bochum continues as B1 (identical with A 40, "Ruhrschnellweg").
By rail

Bochum can also be easily reached by rail from all major German cities. Euro- and Intercity trains stop (61 per day) at Bochum main station (Bochum Hauptbahnhof). The underground line U35 connects Bochum Hauptbahnhof and the Ruhr-University in 10 minute intervals. A walk from the U35-stop "Ruhr-Universität" to the SFB 459 office takes about 5 minutes.
By plane

It takes 45 minutes by rental car from Duesseldorf airport to the Ruhr-University. There also is a convenient train connection (1 hour) from the airport every 30 minutes.
Hotels near the campus:

Wald- und Golfhotel Lottental, Grimbergstr. 52a, Bochum (0234-9796-0)

Appartement-Hotel Ehrenstein, Eulenbaumstr. 278, Bochum (0234-701576)

Hotel Ibis, Universitätsstr. 3, Bochum (0234-3331-1)
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