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RUB50 Gala with our Alumni


from 7 pm

Admission and reception with sparkling wine

Musical accompaniment:

The SwingChix

Close-harmony-singers with a unique ukulele sound

The SwingChix are grandiose close-harmony singers in the style of the Andrews Sisters backed by a unique ukulele sound. They were rightly awarded the Musikcomedy Prize for “Artist of the Year”. Whether it is ABBA, Prince, swing classics or AC/DC – nothing is sacred to the swinging sound of the three first-class singers. Sometimes they are sexy, sometimes cheeky, sometimes loud – but always charming! (Photo: Claudia Höhne)

Julia Samhaber

Swing, Pop, Chansons on the Piano

Whether it is swing, pop or chanson – the pianist and singer Julia Samhaber knows exactly how to control her instrument and her voice. Beyond that she takes her audience on a musical journey around the world and guides them into an emotional realm of fantasy. The Viennese musician lives in Cologne since 2003 and works as a freelance singer, pianist, accordionist and composer.

from 8 pm

Welcome by the hosts

Désirée Rösch

Désirée Rösch studied Journalism, Politics and Theatre, Film and TV Studies at the RUB. As an author and a producer of travel programmes she has been all over the world for the VOX Channel, amongst others. Désirée Rösch has been engaged at WDR for daily TV programmes as author, live reporter and presenter since 1998. (Photo: Peggy Schröder)

Lars Tottmann

Lars Tottmann is also a RUB Alumnus: he studied German and Social Sciences for the teaching profession, gaining journalistic experience in print, radio and television along the way. He has been working at the WDR studio in Essen since 1997 and has presented “Lokalzeit Ruhr” since 2000. (Photo: WDR/Kristin Trüb)


Gala opening by Rector, Prof. Dr. Elmar Weiler


Mambo Kurt

Extravagant Reinterpretations of well-known hits

There are days on which Abba are too hard or Slayer too soft. For all other moods there is Mambo Kurt. The universally popular, slightly crazy organ god interprets a fine collection of worldwide hits on his beloved home organ. He does this in his inimitable style, bringing a smile to the faces of any audience and getting their feet tapping at the same time. Every song is a tribute to the original artist. So we get to hear Rage Against the Machine as swing, Nirvana as mambo, Tina Turner as high-speed polka and Slayer as hard rock. And before Mambo Kurt became an organ god he studied Medicine at the RUB. (Photo: Martin Steffen)


„Going into detail“ – Panel discussion with alumni


Prizegiving ceremony


Christian Hirdes

Amusing songs with language loving humour

Christian Hirdes has played himself into the hearts of the German cabaret scene in recent years. The language-loving comedian and offbeat cabaret artiste became noticed as something out of the ordinary through his unique charm and style and also met with great enthusiasm as a first-class songwriter and litterateur. RUB Alumnus Hirdes has also received the audience awards, “Prix Pantheon” and “Tegtmeiers Erben”. He has made guest appearances on TV on the WDR productions “Stratmanns”, “Funkhaus” and “Nightwash” as well as “TV total”. (Photo: Ulrike Reinker)


Götz Alsmann

German language versions of great Broadway classics

Götz Alsmann is known as an all-rounder: he works as a presenter ("Zimmer frei!"), singer, musician and entertainment artiste. Alsmann, who hails from Münster, is a Doctor of Musicology and an honorary professor at the Münster College of Music. He is currently focusing on German language versions of great Broadway classics that have widely been forgotten. There is a selection of immortal compositions to hear, by the likes of Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Rodgers & Hammerstein and many others that have been fascinating European audiences since the beginning of the jazz era. (Photo: EMI/Jerome Bonnet)

from 11:30 pm


Caspar Van Meel Quartett

(Jazz in the bistro)

Caspar van Meel
Caspar van Meel graduated as double bass player at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen with John Goldsby as one of his teachers. He reinforced his studies at the Maastricht Conservatorium, where Carol Harte and Jan van den Boomen mentored him. Working with the WDR television Big Band and artists like Philip Catherine, Götz Alsmann and Gerd Dudek, he can already look back on numerous international concerts and studio recordings. He was involved in various radio and TV productions and participated in music festivals like the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Kurt Weill Festival, the WDR television Jazz Night and the Leverkusen’s Days of Jazz. (Photo: Volker Beushausen)

Pamela Falcon and Friends

(Party in the foyer)

Pamela Falcon, born in New York, gave her first concert at the age of five. She came to Germany when she was called to the Bochum ensemble of the musical “Starlight Express” and found her second home here. For nearly 15 years (more than 750 shows) she has been heading the weekly cult event “New York Nights” at the Bochum Riff Club together with her live band. She also works as a professional vocal coach. An audience of millions from all over Germany became aware of her through the TV show “The Voice of Germany”. (Photo: Teddy Marks)

Party mit DJ Gärtner der Lüste

(Party in the foyer)

Ralf Ilgner AKA Gärtner der Lüste has been a DJ institution for a long time. He was one of the first to make funk and soul dancefloor-compatible again. This combination can not only be heard on his DJ sets at Bahnhof Langendreer, the Eve Bar or the Rotunde, but also on his compilation CDs, which have appeared under the names of Funky Plüsch and Smile Style. Ralf Ilgner has also been an editor at WDR since 1997, where he transmits his comprehensive musical knowledge to the aether.





Enjoy finest coffee and delicious cocktails, take creative and nostalgic group photos, purchase RUB souvenirs, network and socialise, get information on the campus development and much more.