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RUB50 Gala with our Alumni



  • Salad bouquet with asparagus and raspberries garnished with a rhubarb vinaigrette
  • Roast beef with Dijon dressing
  • Dill covered salmon crackers
  • Tortilla roulades with rocket and Serrano ham
  • Figs with pepper mascarpone
  • Skewers in a soy teriyaki marinade
  • Selection of bread with wild garlic butter and pesto


  • Pikeperch saltimbocca with apricot chutney
  • Beef entrecote in honey and mustard jus
  • Fillet of pork with braised mushrooms
  • Wild garlic risotto with roast pine nuts
  • Wok vegetables with samosa pastries
  • Spaetzle with herbs
  • Rösti à la Florentine
  • Potato gratin
  • Vegetable couscous
  • Wild rice
  • Market-fresh vegetables
  • Clear tomato and chilli broth with garden herbs
  • Cream of chives with croutons


  • Small chocolate cakes topped with custard
  • Dark and white mousse au chocolat
  • Champagne mousse served with a ragout of peaches and chilli
  • Strawberries with fresh pepper
  • Mini-éclairs
  • Selection of cheese, fresh bread and butter


  • Sparkling wine reception included
  • Further drinks are charged to your consumption card:
    • Speciality coffees
    • Soft drinks
    • Wines, beer
    • Cocktails/Long drinks: alcoholic or non-alcoholic