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International Week: Western and Southern Europe

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

  • Faculty of Philology: binational degree courses at RUB
  • RUB Engineering: International Master's degree programmes
  • Language department German as a foreign language (DaF)
  • University Language Centre (ZFA)
  • RUB International Office
  • Country booth Italy
  • Country booth Catalonia
  • Country booth Spain

Time: 11am - 3pm
Place: Mensa foyer


Germany – France: Evolution of the view of the Other
Prof Gerhard Lubich, Chair of History of the Early and High Middle Ages and Auxiliary Sciences, and Junior Prof Fabian Lemmes, Chair of European History, provide lectures as part of the Historical Institute’s History Day programme.
Time: 11am - 11:30am
Place: Mensa building, International Lounge

Social Ties and Informal Networks of International Students
Lecture by Jueying Huang, Julien Lebourg, Lisa Severing and Xiaozhe Tong, Faculty of Social Science, Division Sociology/Organization, Migration, Participation.
Time: 11am-12 noon
Place: Mensa  building 01/1

Posponed until The Americas – Form North to South day

RUB exchange programmes in Europe
The RUB International Office provides information about exchange programmes with European partner universities, e.g. ERASMUS.
Time: 12 noon - 1pm
Place: Mensa building 01/1

Studying in Italy (I) – Università di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale
Presentation by Prof Dr Giancarlo Schirru on study options at the Italian partner university in collaboration with the Romance Department, Chair Prof Gerald Bernhard (in English and Italian)
Time: 12noon - 1pm
Place: Mensa building, International Lounge

Studying in Italy (II) – Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Lecture by Prof Dr Luca Lorenzetti on study options and the double-degree programme with the partner university in Viterbo in collaboration with the Romance Department, Chair Prof Gerald Bernhard (in English and Italian)
Time: 1:15pm - 2:15pm
Place: Mensa building, International Lounge

L‘Europe face au drame des migrants en Méditerranée occidentale
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Jean Rossetto, Université François-Rabelais
de Tours (in French)
Time: 2pm - 3pmUhr
Place: Mensa building 01/2

Mediterranean studies at RUB
Speakers from the Centre for Mediterranean Studies (ZMS) talk about their research foci and current research projects.
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Place: Mensa building 01/2

Convention: Ottoman cultural policy under Mehmet II and its reception in Europe
Event organised by the Institute of Art History
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Place: RUB Art Collections

Language and cultural-training courses

Express language course Turkish
45-minute introduction to the Turkish language with Kays Mutlu, University Language Center (ZFA)
Time: 11am - 11:45am
Place: Mensa building 01/1
Register here:

Express language course Italian
45-minute introduction to the Italian language with Eugenio Tomei, University Language Center (ZFA)
Time: 12 noon - 12:45 noon
Place: Mensa building 01/3
Register here:

Express language course Gaelic/Gàidhlig
45-minute introduction to the Gaelic language with Alan Davis, University Language Center (ZFA)
Time: 1pm -1:45pm
Place: Mensa building 01/3
Register here:

Crash course Catalan
Ms Imma Martí from the Catalan Office will present the language and culture of Catalonia.
Time: 2pm - 3pm
Place: Mensa building 01/1
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Arts & culture programme

Workshop improv theatre
Under the guidance of Kim Reichard, you will learn to spontaneously perform a scene based on a prompt from the audience.
Time: 10am - 12 noon
Place: Mensa building 01/3 Mensa building 01/2
Register here:

Bilingual reading Turkish-German
with Kays Mutlu and Anja Neuhaus
Time: 12 noon -12:10 noon
Place: Mensa foyer

Festa catalana
Learn all about “fet a Catalunya” music, dance and theatre.
Time: 12 noon - 2pm
Place: Mensa building 01/2

Bilingual reading Scottish-German
Alan Davis and Nicola Jordan read the 'Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson
Time: 12:30 noon - 12:40 noon
Place: Mensa foyer

Bilingual reading Italian-German
Donatella Nonnis-Schablonski and Nicola Heimann-Bernoussi read 'Un pezzo di pane' by Ignazio Silone
Time: 2pm - 2:10pm
Place: Mensa foyer, bistro level

Film: “Samba”
The university film club Studienkreis Film (SKF) presents the French comedy “Samba”
(France 2014).
Time: 7:30pm
Place: University cinema in lecture hall HZO 20
Additional information:

Jazz Session
boskop, the AKAFÖ’s culture office, presents the Jazz Session on Wednesday.
Time: 9:30pm
Place: KulturCafé at RUB