International Week: Asia

Monday, June 8, 2015

Launch of the International Week 

Pro-rector Prof Uta Wilkens opens the International Week and welcomes guests and exhibitors.
Time: 12 noon
Place: Mensa foyer

  • Tongji University/Chinesisch-Deutsches Hochschulkolleg (Chinese-German College, CDHK)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Tongji-/CDHK collaboration
  • Faculty of Economics: China exchange programmes
  • Faculty of Geosciences: RUB-Tongji - dual master's degree programme 'Transformation of Urban Landscapes' and Summer Schools
  • Country booth Afghanistan
  • Country booth Indonesia
  • Student organisation AIESEC – international internship exchange
  • LSI - Institute of Intensive Language Training at RUB
  • RUB International Office
  • Language department German as a foreign language (DaF)
  • University Language Center (ZFA)

Time: 11am - 3pm
Place: Mensa foyer


East Asian Studies Slam
Young researchers and visiting researchers at the Faculty of East Asian Studies present their research projects.
Time: 12:30 noon - 2:30pm
Place: Mensa building, International Lounge

Confucius & Co.: Chinese behaviour patterns in corporate governance
Lecture by Prof Dr WANG Xuyi, CDHK at Tongji University
Time: 1pm and 3pm
Place: Mensa building 01/2

RUB exchange programme in Asia
The RUB International Office provides information regarding degree courses at RUB’s partner universities in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
Time: 1:45pm - 3pm
Place: Mensa building 01/1

Collaborations between Tongji University & CDHK and RUB
Mr TAN Xiaoyun, International Exchange & Cooperation Office at Tongji Univeristy, and Prof WU Zhihong, Deputy Head at Chinesisch-Deutsches Hochschulkolleg, present German-Chinese collaboration projects.
Time: 2pm - 3pm
Place: Mensa building 01/2

Studying abroad, internships, theses worldwide
Students at the Faculty of Social Science talk about their experiences abroad.
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Place: GC 03/33


Free trade and fair pay worldwide? Opportunities and limits of sustainable production
The Social Movements Institutes (ISB) and the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM have organised this symposium under the umbrella of the Bochumer Dispute project.
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Place: Social Movements Institutes (ISB) in Haus der Geschichte des Ruhrgebiets, Clemensstr. 17-19

Language and cultural-training courses

Express language course Arabic
45-minute introduction to the Arabic language with Najia Hoppe, lecturer at the University Language Center (ZFA)
Time: 12 noon - 12:45 noon
Place: Mensa building 01/1
Register here:

Encounter with the Japanese literate culture
Workshop introducing the Japanese writing systems, conducted by the Japonicum department at the Institute of Intensive Language Training (LSI)
Time: 12noon - 1pm
Place: Mensa building 01/3
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Country quiz China
Organised by the Sinicum department at the Institute of Intensive Language Training (LSI): Test your knowledge of China!
Time: 1pm - 2pm
Place: Mensa building 01/3

Express language course Japanese
45-minute introduction to the Japanese language with Nanao Takahaski, lecturer at the University Language Center (ZFA)
Time: 1pm -1:45pm
Place: Mensa building 01/1
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Mini language course Korean
Institute of Intensive Language Training (LSI) teachers will provide an insight into the Korean language.
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Place: Mensa building 01/1
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Arts & culture programme

Origami, Japanese games and eating with chopsticks
Learn the art of Japanese paper folding, have a go at Japanese skill games and become a pro at eating with chopsticks!
Time: 12 noon - 2pm
Place: Mensa foyer

Bilingual reading Arabic – German
Short reading with Laroussi Bessaidi and Nicola Heimann-Bernoussi, University Language Center (ZFA)
Time: 12:45 noon - 12:55 noon
Place: Mensa foyer

Japanese sword fencing – Battōjutsu
Experience Japanese martial arts under the guidance of Benedikt Schwarz!
Time: 1:15pm –1:45pm
Place: Mensa foyer

Bilingual reading Chinese-German
Short reading with Wen Cai and Cristina Schalk, University Language Center (ZFA)
Time: 2pm - 2:10pm
Place: Mensa foyer

Musicar poesia
Lecture in the Catalan language followed by a discussion with musician and song writer Judit Neddermann from Catalonia, organised by the Catalan Office/Romance Seminar, by students of Catalan language and literature, by Xarxa de lectorats de català in Germany and the Ramon Llull Institute.
Time: 2.30pm
Place: GB 02/160

Guided tour through the Chinese Garden
Prof Christine Moll-Murata, Department of Chinese History & Philosophy, is in charge of the tour through the Garden, which was presented to RUB by its Chinese partner university, namely Tongji University in Shanghai, in 1990.
Time: 3pm
Meeting point: International Office infopoint, Mensa foyer

Tot El Que He Vist – All I have seen
Acoustic concert with Judit Neddermann, musician and song writer from Catalonia
Time: 6pm
Place: KulturCafé at RUB
Admission free!

Football match RUB – Tongji University
Highly diverse, the RUB team competes against a team from Tongji University.
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Place: artificial turf pitch behind GA Building

Global Village
AIESEC, the largest student organisation worldwide, would like to welcome you to their international evening with culinary specialties and music.
Time: 7pm
Place: UFO 0/02

Postponed until Eastern Europe Day