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Premiere: "Epimetheus oder Die Geburt der Hoffnung aus der Musik"
("Epimetheus or The Birth of Hope out of Music")

Composer Siegfried Matthus and librettist Dorothea Renckhoff had written a piece of music for the RUB’s anniversary. The premiere of “Epimetheus oder Die Geburt der Hoffnung aus der Musik” was the centrepiece of the semester concert on June 24, 2015 in Audimax.

The concept of the piece is more than fitting for the 50th anniversary and the RUB. After all, it is all about the two figures who adorn the RUB seal: Prometheus and Epimetheus, famous brothers in Ancient Greek mythology. Prometheus, the “fore-thinker”, is depicted holding a torch – symbol of energy, light, warmth, the inspiring fire of the researching scientist. Epimetheus, the “after-thinker”, holds a scroll – symbol of the humanities scholar.

But does this antithetic link correspond with antique sources at all? Author duo Renckhoff and Matthus, classical philologist Hellmut Flashar (RUB emeritus), and the university’s musical director Hans Jaskulsky had decided to tackle this question as a challenge and to compose Epimetheus music. The piece harks back to antique sources on the one hand, and on the other hand, it attempts to make the character of Epimetheus appealing to a modern audience.