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Anniversary project “Bochum’s Books”

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Ruhr-Universität has hosted the competition “Bochum’s Books”. Its aim was to find design ideas themed “50 years of a university town”. The winning designs have been exhibited since June 1, 2015 at the RUB campus and around the city of Bochum – for the duration of one year. A catalogue and a map have been likewise created for the project.


The first book sculpture is going to be unveiled in front of Blue Square, Kortumstraße 90, on June 1, 2015, 10:45 am. By that date, the other 49 copies will likewise have been installed in their ultimate locations, where they will remain for the duration of one year. Members of the public are welcome to join us for the inauguration!


  • Speech by Prof Dr Elmar Weiler, Rector at Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Speech by Dr Ottilie Scholz, Mayor of the City of Bochum
  • Inauguration of the first book sculpture
  • Music: Katrins Gitarre


Award ceremony

On March 26, 2015, Ruhr-Universität awarded the 50 best designs submitted to the "Bochum's Books" competition in the Blue Square. The 25 "first winners" (city of Bochum) were happy about their new iPad Air 2, the 25 "second winners" (RUB campus) received 100-euro book tokens. All winning designs will be mounted as book plastics in the city of Bochum and on the RUB campus on June 1st and remain there for one year.



It all began with one question: if they were to animate and open the book in the crest of Bochum, what would readers find in chapter "50th anniversary of a university town"? Between June and December 2014, Ruhr-Universität was looking for creative design ideas – during the run-up to its 50th anniversary in 2015. The creative challenge: the participants had to design a double page of the book – how exactly was up to them. Accordingly, the submissions to the competition were very diverse. Some 100 designs flooded in to RUB, including drawings, photos, graphics, texts and many more.



The six-man committee came together on December 15, 2014 in the Blue Square in the city of Bochum to discuss the submissions. It was made up of RUB Rector Prof Dr Elmar Weiler, UniverCity project manager Johanna Hüttner, Heiko Jansen from the AKAFÖ cultural office boskop, Bochum's citizen Eva-Maria Stolberg as well as RUB student Jonas Galemann. Bochum's Mayor Dr Ottilie Scholz unfortunately had to cancel on short notice, but she was represented by her PA Ulf Dannehl.



The book-shaped blanks came from a factory in Poland, where they had been manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastics – FRP for short. One book sculpture weighs approx. 25 kilos. It is 1.30 metres long, 90 centimetres wide and 15 centimetres deep. In Carsten Hückert's atelier in Dortmund, the primed blanks were varnished and the designs were glued on. As graphic designer, Hückert has already revamped some 200 rhinos of Dortmund, the Konzerthaus' crest animal, using airbrush technology. The winning designs are not painted on, but applied as foils. In the workshop at the RUB Facutly of Psychology, director Willi Dreckmann and his team make sure that the 50 book sculptures are fitted with stainless-steel bases and are mounted in their respective locations by June 1, 2015.


Catalogue and map

A catalogue and a map will also be available under the umbrella of the "Bochum's Books" project from June 1st. The catalogue will feature descriptions of all 50 winning designs, including an overview of the respective piece and its location. Moreover, readers will learn about the people and the institutions that are behind the diverse drawings, collages, photos and texts. The map shows possible routes (city of Bochum and campus) that visitors can take to see all book sculptures. The map is enclosed with the publication, and it will also be handed out separately – and free of charge – in many locations. The catalogue is available at the token price of 5 euros; it can be purchased for example at the Bochum Marketing tourist information office, Huestraße 9, and in the Blue Square Store, Bongardstraße 90.