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50 Years – 50 Faces

What does a day in the Chancellor’s life look like? What is an RUB event engineer’s job? How does one reconcile participating in the Olympics with pursuing a degree course? Everyday life at the RUB is as diverse as the people who live it. In the course of the anniversary year, 50 short films were released, portraying 50 individuals who thus became the faces of RUB: contemporaries, renowned researchers, successful alumni, people with “colourful jobs” and outstanding students. The films can be viewed on the RUB’s YouTube channel.

„The great thing about being a rector is that I can make a difference for a lot of people.“

Elmar Weiler

Rector at Ruhr-Universität

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„If cooking together works out, sharing a lab will work too.“

Konstanze Winklhofer

Professor for Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine

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„Querenburg was a rural community. There were fields and farms. In one of those fields, there were now two skyscrapers.“

Hans Dieter Erlinger

First PhD graduate at Ruhr-Universität Bochum

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„I enjoy delving into different worlds.“

Dorothee Dzwonnek

Secretary General at the German Research Foundation

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„I need pressure and commitment.“

Bernd Wilmert

Spokesman of the Management Board at Stadtwerke Bochum

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“Collaboration is a performance-boosting process.”

Laura Marie Schons

Postdoc researcher at the Sales & Marketing Department

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“The fascinating thing about research is: you’re the first person to look into new phenomena.“

Martina Havenith

Professor of Physical Chemistry

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“I need more than just sport in my life.”

Carina Bär

Medicine student and member of the federal squad of the German Rowing Association

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“Confidence is important if you want to become a lawyer.”

Rafaela Knäpper

Law student

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„If my hands are not dirty, I don’t feel like I did any work at all.“

Sarah Andrzejewski

Precision Mechanist at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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„My time at RUB – those were the most important years of my life.“

Volker Goldmann

Chairman of the Managing Board at Sparkasse Bochum and RUB alumnus

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„Universities embody a positive energy.“

Hans-Paul Bürkner

Chairman of the Board of Trustees at RUB Foundation and alumnus of the Faculties of Economics and Sinology

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„Looking back, I was not the hardest-working student at school.“

Marco Bösebeck

Management & Economics student and RUB Scholarship Fund beneficiary

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Busse von Colbe
„In Denmark, science is more egalitarian than here.“

Estrid Sørensen

Junior Professor of Cultural Psychology and Anthropological Knowledge

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Busse von Colbe
„The most beautiful feeling is when the spark goes over to the audience.“

Hans Jaskulsky

University music director

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Busse von Colbe
“What I miss most is being in touch with young people.”

Walther Busse von Colbe

Professor emeritus at the Faculty of Management and Economics

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“If the engineering gig doesn’t work out, barista is the way to go.”

Victor López López

Research assistant at the Chair of Solid Process Engineering

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"For me, the exchange with my colleagues does not only include formal supervision or mentoring. Rather, I understand it as a chance to increase the quality of our scientific research."

Christof Paar

Professor for Embedded Security

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“Learning is much easier when it is fun.”

Julian Rummel

Research assistant at the Alfried Krupp Experimental Laboratory for Young People

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“I’m a student, because I like to meet as many people as possible in order to learn from their stories.”

Nicola Przybylka

Media Science and Japanology student

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Baoquan Song
„Scouting for archaeological traces is addictive.“

Baoquan Song

Aerial archaeologists at the Institute for Archaeological Studies

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Uwe Koßmann
„The main purpose of my work is to disencumber the family as such“

Uwe Koßmann

Organizer at "Pro Kids – Der Familienservice"

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"Whenever I play a song that resonates with me strongly – that is my moment."

Ann-Kristin Pott

Editor-in-chief at the campus radio "CT das radio"

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“I combine both in me: the German and the Vietnamese engineer.”

Katrin Brömme

research fellow at the Chair of Environmental Engineering + Ecology

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“Being a good engineer always means being a good troubleshooter.”

Beate Bender

Professor for Product Development at the Machine Engineering Dpt.

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“How is thinking generated in the brain? This is the central question of my life.”

Onur Güntürkün

Professor for Biopsychology

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“Bees are simply marvellous!”

Pia Aumeier

research fellow at the work group Behavioural Biology and Didactics of Biology

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“Contributing a tiny little bit to making incurable diseases such as Alzheimer’s easier to handle in future: this thought is what spurs me on every morning.”

Willi Dreckmann

workshop manager at the Faculty Workshop for Psychology

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“The way I interact with a book is as if the book itself had a soul.”

Nicola Kaminski

Professor for Contemporary German Literature Studies, specifically German literature from the early modern period to the 18th century

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“International students shape the university’s image. One of the challenges of our time is to recognise and to manage that diversity.”

Barbara Dahlhaus

Head of the German as Foreign Language Department (DAF)

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“I’m not an artist, but I’m someone who tries to pave the way for cultural events.”

Heiko Jansen

manager of the AKAFÖ Culture Office boskop

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“Everyone is equal when doing sport. Status has no meaning.”

Christian Sendes

deputy manager at the RUB university sports department

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“I can never get enough of driving!”

David Kubiak

chauffeur with the RUB driver service

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“Here, the film programme is created in accordance with our members’ personal preferences; such an approach is impossible in the free economy.”

Jörg Pfaffendorf

managing director at Studienkreis Film

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“Pasta is versatile!”

Michael Prudlo

cook at the Mensa

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“We’ve got 62,000 configured ports at the university and cable systems with a length of 5,000 km: it is therefore crucial to keep track of everything.”

Stefan Rosengarten

system engineer at the RUB’s computer centre

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“An acne-riddled individual in bad shape, programming 24/7? No, sorry, I’m not your stereotypical IT nerd.”

Ralf Otto

IT specialist at the eLearning Department

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“One of my favourite aspects about my work is that I deal with people all the time.”

Gabriele Frohnhaus

Head of HR Department

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“What we do is not science; rather, it’s an experiment with sound and with the body and the voice.”

Karin Freymeyer

Studiobühne manager at Musisches Zentrum

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“I never imagined the general public to be so interested in research.”

Ursula Heiler

Coordinator at the International Graduate School of Neuroscience, IGSN

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“My friends and acquaintance are astounded when I tell them I work at RUB. Most people think university is all about doing a degree course.”

Benedikt Tewes

apprentice in the field of construction material testing for tarmac

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“I know the Audimax like the back of my hand.”

Manfred Schnigge

event engineer

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“I’d like to discover another side of Bochum, in addition to pursuing my university degree.”

Miriam Koschowski

sociology student at RUB and UniverCity flatmate (2013-14)

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“The campus is like a child: you raise it to the best of your abilities and one day, perhaps, you’ll realise that you made mistakes.”

Ina Schwarz

Head of the Building Construction Department

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“I’m interested in everything that’s out of the ordinary, dysfunctional and morbid.”

Jürgen Margraf

Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

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Hermann Schregel
“I have arrived in the place where I started out 30 years ago, and it feels like homecoming.”

Hermann Schregel

AKAFÖ-division manager for the coffee bar and bistros

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Grazyna Wendler
“Nothing in the world can ever replace a book.”

Grażyna Wendler

university library employee

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Prof. Dr. Karl Esser
“In 1963, the Botanic Garden was very much vetoed. The Green Party didn’t exist then, and nobody knew what a biotope was.”

Karl Esser

first tenured professor at the General Botany Dpt. and founder of the Botanic Garden

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Jasmin Gerau
“My children help me focus on my work.”

Jasmin Gerau

postgraduate researcher at the Institute of Development Research and Development Policy

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Gerhard Möller
“I wanted to become a train driver or pilot as a kid.”

Gerhard Möller

RUB Chancellor from 1999 to 2014

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