27.10.2014 The future of work: Industry 4.0 Structural change of work and working world - Conference of Hans-Böckler-Foundation at Universität Kassel on 23 October 2014.
Presentation of Dr. Manfred Wannöffel
15.10.2014 Newsletter of the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM – 3/2014
Closing events on 30 and 31 October 2014
30 October at 2 p.m.: Opening in the lobby of Schauspielhaus, followed by presentations and discussions.
31 October 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.: Continuation in Zukunftsakademie NRW (ZAK), Humboldstraße 40, 44787 Bochum
13.10.2014 Event “Innovative projects in the introductory phase of the study program” in Düsseldorf on 10 October – host: VDI – Düsseldorf (VDI: Association of German Engineers). The VDI provided 11 different workshops as an additional offer to the Quality Dialogue Science. The workshops provided a platform to support the dialogue concerning a sustainable education of engineers. Manfred Wannöffel gave a presentation on the Learning Factory. (see presentation)
07.10.2014 As part of the international project “This is Not Detroit” of Schauspielhaus Bochum, Manfred Wannöffel gave a presentation on the industrial change in Bochum which comes along with the closure of the Opel factory. The presentation was given in Zaragoza (Spain) on 2 October 2014. (see presentation)
07.10.2014 In cooperation with the Hans-Böckler-Foundation (department for promotion of doctorates), the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM hosted an international course from 29 September to 3 October. The topic of the course was the transnational cooperation of unions in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria) which was also attended by students of Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
23.09.2014 Industry 4.0 – Collaborative project “SOPHIE” – Synchronized production by semi-autonomous planning and human-centric decision-support.
On 16 September a kick-of event introduced the collaborative project “SOPHIE” which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for three years. Actors of the fields research and education, user companies and counselling institutions participate in the consortium of the project. In cooperation with the faculty of Production Systems (LPS), the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM accompanies the process of research and development of the project with regard to questions of employee participation, co-determination, information and data management, and recent requirements for qualifications and competencies which arise as a result of the innovative design of production. For more information:
12.09.2014 dialog Dialog edition 09/2014
Course „Management, Labour and Organisation (MAO)“ – interdisciplinary, practical, innovative
25.08.2014 Management, Arbeit und Organisation (MAO)
(“Management, Labour and Organisation”)
The faculties of Social Science and Mechanical Engineering and the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM offer the interdisciplinary course during the winter semester 2014/15. Applications via e-mail to Pia Wagner
22.07.2014 Newsletter of the Office of Cooperation RUB/IMU - 02/2014
22.07.2014 Recently Published "Einfluss der betrieblichen Mitbestimmung auf die regionale Wirtschaftsförderung: Das Beispiel Opel in Bochum."(Influence of the worker participation on local economic promotion: Using the example of Opel Bochum“  Wannöffel, Manfred (2014) In: Rasmus C. Beck, Rolf G. Heinze und Josef Schmid (Hg.): Zukunft der Wirtschaftsförderung (future of economic promotion). Baden-Baden: Nomos, S. 301–316.
21.07.2014 “Third-chance education at Ruhr-Universität Bochum” – university admission without Abitur (DE)
A short presentation on the activities of the cooperation project as well as information on the quantitative development of professionally qualified prospective students at RUB.
11.07.2014 Recently Published in Industry Management (Industrie Management) 30 (2014)
"Lernfabrik zur Vermittlung berufsfeldrelevanter Handlungskompetenzen" Fragen der Gestaltung und des Managements von Arbeit theoretisch kennenlernen und in einer Lernfabrik realitätsnah erproben (“Learn Factory for conveying competences which are relevant for occupational areas” Issues of Arrangement and the Management of Labour on a theoretical Base and proving it realistic in the Learn Factory.)
Christopher Prinz, Friedrich Morlock, University Bochum,
Pia Sabrina Wagner, Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM
Dieter Kreimeier, University Bochum und Manfred Wannöffel, Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM
Published at GITO Verlag
13.06.2014 Annual report 2013 of the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM
05.06.2014 Programm und Anmeldung
The first Conference for Works Councils at the Ruhr-University was on June, 05 at the Centre of IT-Security in Bochum. Topics were „Using potentials – Arrangements in the plant“, „Healthy labour – Healthy plant“, “Never stop Learning – Works Councils and further education”.
More Information and Program
30.05.2014 Bochumer Disput: Bochum nach Opel – welche Zukunft bleibt der Stadt?
The Institute of Social Movement of the Ruhr-University, die Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM and the theatre in Bochum (Schauspielhaus Bochum) have organised a series of events with the Title “Bochumer Disput – Globalisierungskonflikte vor Ort” (“Bochums Dispute – A Localy Conflict of Globalisation). The start of the series – with the topic “Bochum after Opel: what is the future of the City”- was on June, 17 at 6pm at the “Haus der Geschichte des Ruhrgebiets („House of History of the Ruhr-Area).
More Information
30.04.2014 Newsletter of the Office of Cooperation RUB/IMU - 01/2014
10.03.2014 NEW - Newsletter „STUDIUM OHNE ABITUR - Informationen und Beratungsmöglichkeiten“, (University admittance without Abitur) of the cooperation project “Third-chance education at RUB“ between the Office of Cooperation RUB/IGM and “ELLI“
20.02.2014 University admittance without Abitur at the Ruhr-University Bochum
Information even on February, 28 2014 at 4pm

as part of the cooperation project "Third-chance education at RUB" at the Blue Square (Bongardstr. 16 - 18 - 2. Floor).
After a talk on the varied major programs as well as admission standards, student consultants will be available for one-on-one conversations.
More information: - Tel. 0234-32-25239
09.01.2014 Newsletter of the Office of Cooperation RUB/IMU - 04/2013






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