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Research Campus International

Goal – to be an internationally leading university

Following the successful reforms in recent years, the RUB meanwhile leads the field in Germany when it comes to research and teaching, while being highly competitive on a global level in many areas. The RUB wants to move up into the champion's league of European and global universities.

Strategy – joining forces in moving back the boundaries

The achievements show what is possible on joining forces. This is why the RUB continues to advocate cooperation in flexible structures. Measures are to be taken to further enhance the cosmopolitan spirit, international cooperation and networking on the campus. Successful funding of collective research is joined by the specific support for projects by individual scientists and small teams seeking to cooperate on an international level. To make it easier for students to study abroad and also enhance the university's own appeal for foreign students, the RUB will be offering far more courses in foreign languages and ensure that the international perspective is firmly anchored in the degree programmes. After all, we want to encourage the world's outstanding talents to study at the RUB.

Implementation – international research campus

The existing research departments are to see further expansion, e.g. with joint technology platforms or libraries. Additional research departments will further strengthen inter-disciplinary research. Along the lines of the successful Mercator research groups, additional junior research groups will be set up to provide young researchers an opportunity to work independently in a team.

Researchers working on outstanding projects with an international slant or together with foreign colleagues will form the International Faculty. This community with its global network will sustainably enhance research and teaching with additional international aspects. The degree courses benefit from being close to research: learning through research will be the normal approach right from the start. Students aiming for a scientific career are thus given early contact with leading international research, which should make it easier and quicker for them to move on to subsequent doctorate activities, following the international example.