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Thursday, 25 February 2016

10.00-10.30    Christian Voß (Berlin)/Mihran Dabag (Bochum): Welcome and Opening

10.30-11.00    Mihran Dabag (Bochum): Keynote Speech

11.00-12.45    Panel I: Setting the Stage: War and Violence in Late Ottoman History.   

Chair: Kristin Platt (Bochum)

Thea Halo (New York, NY): From the Balkans to Anatolia: Pogroms to Genocide. 

Anush Hovhannisyan (Yerevan): Prelude to Genocide. The Expulsion of the Aegean Greek Population in 1914.

12.45-14.15      Lunch Break

14.15-16.00    Panel II: Demographic Policy and Genocidal Intent in Late Ottoman Empire.

Chair: Rolf Hosfeld (Potsdamm)

Theodosios Kyriakidis (Rome):The Assimilation through the Demographic Policy, the Boycott and Confiscation of Greek Properties in Pontus.

Vasileios Meichanetsidis (Thessaloniki): On the Genocidal Intent against the Greeks of the Ottoman Empire.

16.00-16.30      Coffee Break

16.30-18.15    Panel III: The Pontic Case I: Genocidal Practices in Local Perspectives.

Chair: Michael Schwartz (Berlin)       

Tessa Hofmann (Berlin): Yalova/Nicomedia 1920/1921. Massacres and Inter-Ethnic Conflict in a Failing State.

Zeynep Turkyilmaz (Hanover, NH): A Story of Struggle for Survival. Crypto-Christians of Pontos. From Resistance to Expulsion.

18.30               Public Lecture and Reception

Cem Özdemir (Member of Parliament) on Genocide, Memory Culture und Politics

Afterwards: Reception with buffet


Friday, 26 February 2016

10.00-12.30    Panel IV: The Pontic Case II: The Mass Atrocities in Eyewitness Reports.

Chair: Micha Brumlik (Berlin)

Francesco Pongiluppi (Rome):Catholics of Pontos. Cirillo Giovanni Zohrabiàn’s Memories on the Black Sea Tragedy.

Robert Shenk (New Orleans, LA):The 1921 Pontus Depredations in American Naval War Diaries.

Konstantinos Fotiadis (Florina): Der Genozid an den Pontosgriechen in Kleinasien im Licht deutscher Quellen insbesondere von Dokumenten des deutschen und österreichischen Außenministeriums.

12.30-13.30      Lunch Break

13.30-15.15    Panel V: Framework: The Context of International Order and Geopolitics.

Chair: Christian Voß (Berlin)

Antonis Klapsis (Patras): The Megali Idea and the Pontic Question. 1919-1922.

Arno Barth (Essen): »To eliminate those elements of disturbance« - Das Verhältnis von griechisch-türkischem Bevölkerungsaustausch und internationaler Ordnung.

15.15-15.30     Coffee Break

15.30-17.15    Panel VI: Representation and Reconstruction: History, Law and Literature.

Chair: Medardus Brehl (Bochum)

Monika Albrecht (Vechta): Representations of the Displacement and Extinction of the Pontic Greeks.

Miltiadis Sarigiannidis (Thessaloniki): International Law against the Politics of Evil. The Case of Genocide of Pontic Greeks 1915-1923

17.15      Résumé & Closing Discussion

Kristin Platt