• since November 2015 Lecturer
  • May-June 2015 Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Bucharest (IRH-UB).
  • April 2010 - July 2015 Working at the PhD-thesis
  • April 2010 First state examinations for teaching at secondary schools at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • Summer term 2008 Tutor for the lecture on "Introduction to philosophy" by Prof Küppers (chair for natural philosophy)
  • Winter term 2004 Start of the studies of physics, philosophy and pedagogics at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena


  • Review of 'Newton and Empiricism' by Zvi Biener and Eric Schliesser (eds). Journal for General Philosophy of Science, 48, 1, 151–154. (2017).
  • Review of 'The Post-Critical Kant: Understanding the Critical Philosophy through the Opus postumum' by Brian Wesley Hall. In: Society and Politics, 19, 1, 70-72. (2016).
  • Together with W. Deppert and M. Sojka: Kurt Hübner -Bibliographie. In: Journal for General Philosophy of Science, 46, 2, 269-277 (2015).
  • Zum Gravitationsgesetz bei Newton, Kant und Fries. In: Kant-Studien, 106, 2, 259-275 (2015).
  • Integrating Chemistry, Electricity and Magnetism into dynamical Natural Philosophy: J.F. Fries's extension of Kant's Metaphysical Foundations. In: Advances in Historical Studies, 3, 1, 56-67 (2014). [download pdf]
  • Kant und Fries: Kritik des newtonschen Raumes. In: Kant und die Philosophie in Weltbürgerlicher Absicht. Akten des XI Kant-Kongress 2010, 5, 55-64 (2013).


  • PhD-thesis: "Raum, Gott, Gravitation: Eine Untersuchung zum Verhältnis von Wissenschaft und Metaphysik anhand des ,absoluten Raumes' von Newton über Kant zu Fries"


  • 'Is there a Galilean invariance in the Principia? About tensions in the methodology of Newton's mechanics', Master-class on Isaac Newton's Philosophical Projects. Oct 6-11th 2015, Institute for Research in the Humanities University of Bucharest.
  • 'Die metaphysischen Grundlagen der Mechanik bei Newton und dem vorkritischen Kant'. Jun 26th 2015, Oberseminar 'Deutscher Idealismus / Hegel', University of Jena.
  • 'Newton and Euler on the Basic Principles of Mechanics'. May 28th 2015, Fellows Lunchtime Seminar Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Bucharest.
  • 'Fries Revision of Kant's Natural Philosophy and the Changes in the Conception of Science'. Aug 28-31th 2013, The Fourth Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association, in Helsinki.
  • 'The interplay between metaphysics and natural science: The evolution of 'absolute space' from Newton and Euler to Kant and Fries'. Aug 5-9th 2013, The Philosophical History of Modern Space-Time Theory with Robert DiSalle, in Tübingen.
  • 'About the Change in Newton's Justification of an absolute Space'. Jul 29-31th 2013, Foundations of Physics 2013, the 17th UK and European Meeting , in Munich.
  • 'A Change of Priority: The connection between absolute Space and the law of Inertia from Newton to Euler'. Jul 7-8th 2013, Philosophy in the Age of Euler: Science and Enlightenment, in Ghent.
  • 'Zur Kritik und Transformation des newtonschen Gravitationsgesetzes bei Leibniz, Kant und Fries'. Feb 27th 2013, Frühjahrstagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft, in Jena.
  • 'The development of Newtonian Gravitation from Kant to Fries'. Nov 2th 2012, Symposion 'History and Historical Epistemology of Science. Conceptual Streams and Mathematical Physical Objects in the Emergency of Newton's Science' at the '5th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science', in Athens.
  • 'Kant und Fries: Kritik des newtonschen Raumes' 26. Mai 2010, Panel 'Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy of Nature II' beim 'XI. Internationaler Kant-Kongress', in Pisa.



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