Journal for General Philosophy and Science


The Journal is an international forum for discussion of a variety of approaches to the philosophy of science. Its subject matter is the philosophical, especially methodological, ontological, epistemological, anthropological, and ethical foundations of the individual sciences. Particular emphasis is laid on philosophical reflection about the natural, the cultural, and the technical sciences. In this context the historical presuppositions and conditions of the current problems of the philosophy of science are included.

Editorial Advisory Board:
E. Agazzi (Fribourg), H. Albert (Mannheim), K. O. Apel (Frankfurt), M. Friedman (Stanford), G. Gabriel (Jena), D. Ginev (Sofia), R. Haller (Graz), J. Hayakawa (Tokio), P. Hoyningen-Huene (Hannover), M. Jammer (Amsterdam, Ramat-Gan), B. Kanitscheider (Gießen), A. Musgrave (Otago), J. C. Nyiri (Budapest), S. Psillos (Athen), H. W. de Regt (Amsterdam), H. Schnädelbach (Berlin), G. Schurz (Düsseldorf), F. Stadler (Wien), M. Suárez (Madrid)


Springer. Dordrecht, The Netherlands

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Journal for General Philosophy of Science - Zeitschrift für allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie

Founded in 1970 by A. Diemer, L. Geldsetzer and G. König.

Claus Beisbart (Bern)
Helmut Pulte (Bochum)
Thomas Reydon (Hannover)