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Abbreviationes™ is a server-based application that lives on a Web server and is accessed via a Web browser client across the Internet. Abbreviationes™ is available in three editions to suit your needs and budget.

Abbreviationes™ Personal Edition

Unlimited access to Abbreviationes™ (lifetime license) from a single fixed public IP address, such as or Abbreviationes™ Personal Edition is aimed at individual scholars.

Abbreviationes™ Workgroup Edition

Unlimited access to Abbreviationes™ (lifetime license) from all IP addresses in a Class C subnet, such as 131.174.184.* or Abbreviationes™ Workgroup Edition is perfect for workgroups and departments.

Abbreviationes™ Campus Edition

Unlimited access to Abbreviationes™ (lifetime license) from all IP addresses in one or more Class B subnets, such as 131.174.*.* or, in one location. Abbreviationes™ Campus Edition is ideal for universities and research institutions. It provides campus-wide access to Abbreviationes™ with an unlimited number of simultaneous users. Furthermore, it entitles you to use a VPN or proxy server to enable off-campus access to Abbreviationes™ for faculty, staff, and students. Abbreviationes™ Campus Edition also allows libraries to furnish readers with direct access to Abbreviationes™. If a wireless network is available in the reading room, users can connect to the wireless access point via their own laptops, netbooks, tablets, or smartphones and browse Abbreviationes™ on their own devices while working at the library.

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