Current Teachings

  • 030002: Einfühung in die Ethik (Mieth)
  • 030020: Einführung in die Politische Philosophie (Mosayebi)
  • 030045: The Ethics of Pornography (Mosayebi)
  • 030112: Forschungskolloquium. Aktuelle Themen der Praktischen Philosophie (Mieth/Mosayebi)
  • 030098: Justice and Legitimacy in the Global Order: Rawlsian debates (Mieth/Matan)
  • 030101: The right to govern and the duty to obey: New approaches to political legitimacy (Mieth/Matan)
  • 030102: Summer School: Participatory governance: challenges and opportunities (Mieth/Matan)

All Courses are usually accompanied by an online course on Moodle. If you have any issues or questions concerning these courses, please contact Patrick Adam (