Teachings Christoph Bambauer

Teachings Dr. Christoph Bambauer

Winter Term 2014/15

Introduction to Normative Ethics

2 st., Di 12.00-14.00, GA 3/143, EELP

Beginn: Di, 07.10.2014
Veranstaltungsart: Seminar
Creditpoints: 4

In this seminar we will discuss the most important theories of philosophical ethics. We will focus on the theories of Aristotle (virtue ethics), Kant (Deontology), Mill (Utilitarianism) and Habermas/Apel (Discourse Ethics). Furthermore we will take a look at different types of ethical theories and critically analyze the most important theories of justification of moral principles and values.


  • Simon Blackburn: Being Good: A short introduction to ethics. 2nd ed. Oxford 2003


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