Department of Philosophy II



Als frisch gekürter Kovalevskaja-Preisträger erhält der Philosoph und Logiker Dr. Christian Straßer knapp 1,4 Mio. Euro von der Humboldt-Stiftung. Ab Herbst baut er an der RUB eine eigene Arbeitsgruppe auf, um eine neue übergreifende Theorie des Anfechtbaren Logischen Schlussfolgerns zu entwickeln.

Alexander von Humboldt Research Award 2014/15

The Chair of Philosophy of Mind welcomes Prof. Dr. Hans-Johann Glock
(Professor at the University of Zurich and Visiting Professor at the University of Reading) Link


Ehrenpromotion 2013

Prof. Dr. h.c. John Perry, Stanford university Link



Plato's Other Souls - Appetite, Spirit and Other Non-Rational Powers

Host: Chair of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

16. - 17. Juli 2015

Prof. Dr. Marc Slors (University of Nijmegen)
“Mineness without minimal selves”
19.06.2015, 12-14h, RUB, GA 03/46

Dr. Alisa Mandrigin (University of Warwick)
“Multi-sensory awareness and Bayesian accounts of perception”
26.06.2015, 12-14h, RUB, GA 03/46

Prof. Dr. Alan Fiske (Los Angeles)
03.07.2015, 12-14h, RUB, GA 03/46



Prof. Dr. Newen

Self, Other and Memory


Prof. Dr. Schlicht

Journal of Consciousness Studies: Consciousness and Life (Nr. 18(5/6) 2011)

Adaptive Logics for Defeasible Reasoning - Applications in Argumentation, Normative Reasoning and Default Reasoning (2014) HP

Prof. Dr. Wansing

Proof Theory of N4-related Paraconsistent Logics


Prof. Dr. Werning

The Oxford Handbook of Compositionality


Prof. Dr. Wilberding

Neoplatonism and the Philosophy of Nature